AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2024 for Animals | YSR Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam – Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme

AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2024 for families identified through livestock census, animal health cards at Rythu Bharosa Kendras, bovines, sheeps, goats to be covered in YSR Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam - Livestock Losses Compensation Scheme, check implementation & other details
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Andhra Pradesh government is going to launch AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2024. In this scheme, YSR govt. will provide AP Cattle Health Cards to all eligible beneficiaries. All the families identified through Livestock Census would be benefited and can apply for AP Cattle Health Card Scheme. The state govt. has allocated Rs. 50 crore for AP YSR Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam which is a flagship Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme (LLCS).

This would be done with the help of village volunteers available at Rythu Bharosa Kendras across the state. All health-related services such as de-worming, breeding, brucellosis vaccination, foot and mouth disease control, entertoxemia disease (ETD) control, sheep packs would be covered under the scheme.

What is Andhra Pradesh Cattle Health Card Scheme

In the new AP Cattle Health Card Scheme, vaccination and de-worming program would be conducted 2 times in single year across the state. In this scheme, govt. will also compensate for loss of cattle under YSR Livestock Losses Compensation Scheme. AP govt. will distribute Animal Health cards to the livestock owners to maintain the record of livestock and extend services to farmers.

AP Animal Health Cards will be useful to get the compensation from the government. People can now check the AP Cattle Health Card Scheme apply process, how to download Cattle Health Cards, implementation and other details.

AP Health Card Scheme Apply Process – How to Download Livestock Cards

Every household in Andhra Pradesh which owns cattle would be given health cards under AP Cattle Health Card Scheme. Around 25 lakh such families have been identified through the livestock census conducted in FY 2019. As per the census, approx. 1.6 crore bovine and 2.37 crore sheep and goats would be covered under this service. People can apply online for cattle health cards at Rythu Bharosa Kendras. Check the process of how to download AP Livestock Health Cards.

AP Health Cards would also include medical aid for newborn calves. As per an estimate, around 12 lakh calves are born in Andhra Prdaesh every year. Once the calf is born, the owner should take it to the hospital and get it registered using his card obtained under AP Health Card Scheme.

YSR Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam 2024

Livestock loss compensation programme continues to be a priority program of the government. The compensation is Rs. 30,000/- for improved & indigenous breed and Rs. 15,000/- for non-descript breed of cattle / buffaloes, and Rs. 6,000/- for sheep / goat is provided to the farmers. CM Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy has allocated Rs. 50 crore in 2021-22 for the livestock compensation fund.

Compensation in Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme (LLCS)

In the Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme, the Andhra Pradesh govt. will provide the following compensation:-

  • Rs. 30,000 for loss of country bred (fine quality) bovine.
  • Rs. 15,000 for loss of country bred (common variety) cattle.
  • Amount of Rs. 6,000 to be extended upto Rs. 1,20,000 for 20 animals of each owner for loss of sheep and goat.

The state govt. of Andhra Pradesh will spend Rs. 50 crore every year to extend these services. Click the link for AP Budget Allocation for YSR Pasu Nashtaparihara Padhakam through the link – https://apfinance.gov.in/uploads/budget-2021-22-books/SpeechEnglish.pdf

AP Health Card Scheme Implementation Guidelines

Once the farmers gets health cards under AP Health Card Scheme, they will have to mention the following details:-

  • Breed
  • If animals had any medical history or suffers from ailments
  • If female are artificially impregnated
  • If the owners wish to either buy new animals
  • If owners wish to either sell their own animals
AP Health Cards Livestock Apply
AP Health Cards Livestock Apply

Each time an animal is treated, the veterinary doctors would mention treatment given to ensure next time it is brought to hospital, doctor will know its case history.

AP Health Cards will contain information like exact date when the animal should be vaccinated, what measures need to be taken at home in order to prevent infections and diseases. AP govt. will extend services for stray and livestock in orphanages under special provision only if the civic bodies or animal activists came forward to adopt them.

Information in AP Animal Health Cards

The following information would be provided through the AP Animal Health Cards:-

A) Details of the name of the farmer/livestock owner
B) Aadhaar card number
C) Address
D) Phone number
E) Details of the cows, buffaloes, sheep and goat which are owned by the farmer

AP govt. has previously launched YSR Livestock Losses Compensation scheme to help the farmers to get compensation in case of death of livestock. The Animal Health cards distribution to the livestock owners/farmers has already begun at the Rythu Bharosa centres.

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