– Main Nahi Hum Portal | Self 4 Society Portal Launched by PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi launch Main Nahi Hum Portal at & app for IT professionals & organisations based on theme of (I to We) Self 4 Society to bring synergy for societal change, check details here – Main Nahi Hum Portal | Self 4 Society Portal Launched by PM Narendra Modi

Main Nahi Hum Portal IT Professionals

Self 4 Society Portal / App: PM Narendra Modi has launched Main Nahi Hum portal & mobile app for IT professionals and organisations at This portal is based on the theme of “Self4Society” and will bring synergy for societal change. While interacting with IT and electronic manufacturing professionals at the launch event of “I to We” campaign, PM makes people realize that the success of any govt. lies in public involvement rather than implementation of things by the government itself.

Main Nahin Hum portal will collaborate the efforts of the general public and will enable entrepreneurs to participate and contribute towards social cause on a single platform. This portal was firstly started by Pradhan Mantri Modi on 24 October 2018. Prime Minister of India also stressed that “Every effort, either big or small, must be valued”. Governments may have schemes and budgets but the success of any initiative lies in public involvement.

Main Nahi Hum Portal & Mobile App – I to We Campaign

Main Nahi Hum Portal has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the launch event, he has met with the key industry leaders and addressed a gathering of IT professionals and employees of electronic manufacturing organizations from around 100 locations in a townhall style format and made following important points:-

Self 4 Society Portal / App Features

At Main Nahi Hum Portal or Self 4 Society Portal at, you can now get involved. Here you can perform registration as individual volunteer, organisation volunteer, donate medical equipments, add and view stories of Corona Warriors. Even the District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners can request medical supplies for district / municipalities.

PM Modi said that India’s youngsters making use of the technology wonderfully at Main Nahi Hum Portal. He also stated that youths are using technology not only for themselves but for the welfare of other people.

The Main Nahi Hum Portal and app is expected to help catalyze greater collaboration towards the service of the weaker sections of society with the usage of technology. This portal is expected to generate wider participation of interested people who are motivated to work for the benefit of society.

For more details, visit the official website at

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