CM Startup Scheme in Himachal Pradesh for Industrial Startups

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Himachal Pradesh Government has launched a new scheme for the new industrial startup seeking the exempt of new units from inspection for up to 3 years. The scheme has been launched in order to promote new ideas, products, and processes for commercialization and industry.

State government under the CM startup scheme will provide liberal and financial assistance of up to Rs. 30 Lakh per per incubator organization per year up to a period of three years. Incubator organizations designed to promote growth of start–up units and having physical space, coaching and mentor facilities will be provided these assistance.

Under the scheme, the government would accept self attested certificates for all official purposes in order to ease the whole process for startups. Self attested certificates will help startup units sustain and work without formalities and obstacles.

Main Benefits of CM Startup Scheme

Below are some of the main benefits being provided to startup industries

  • No inspection of new industrial units for three years.
  • Liberal and financial assistance to incubator organizations.
  • Self-attested certificates enough for official formalities.
  • Strengthened single window system for approval of industry.
  • Reduced stamp duty by 3 percent for start-up units.
  • Allotment of plots on 50 per cent of rates as fixed by the industries department.

Himachal Pradesh government is already doing a lot for the ease of doing business in the state. After this new scheme, the state aims to be counted in top 10 states of the nation for ease of doing business.


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  1. Hi can we open a company with existing technology and serve the society is this scheme works in that way.

    Idea Like Cable operator etc.

    awaiting your reply.


  2. Hello sir, Myself Ex.defence personal near to Palampur city ,is there any scheme/project where I can invest to help society


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