MP Jan Seva Mitra Yojana 2024 – Rs. 8000 Stipend to Youths

MP CM Jan Seva Mitra Yojana 2024 to launch, Rs. 8000 stipend to youths, chief minister jan sewa mitra appointment notification released, youths to get employment, check details here
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Madhya Pradesh government is soon going to launch MP Jan Seva Mitra Yojana 2024. In this scheme, the state govt. will appoint 4,600 youths as chief minister’s jan seva mitras according to a released notification. Volunteers will create awareness about the central and state government schemes. Each jan seva mitra will get a stipend of Rs. 8000 per month. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of CM Jan Seva Mitra recruitment scheme.

About MP Jan Seva Mitra Yojana 2024

In a bid to appoint youths to create awareness about govt. schemes, MP Jan Seva Mitra Yojana will be launched soon. Madhya Pradesh govt. is going to appoint 4600 youths as jan seva mitra. The appointed volunteers will get monthly stipend of Rs. 8000 to create awareness about public welfare schemes started by both central and state government.

The CM Jan Seva Mitra recruitment will be initiated under the chief minister’s youth internship programme. It will be implemented by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance, a government run body to train officials on governance and public administration.

Govt. Notification of CM Jan Seva Mitra Yojana

A govt. notification has been released for CM Jan Seva Mitra Yojana. The notification stated “around 4,600 youths will be appointed initially for a period of 6 months and their contract can be extended depending on their performance”. Around 1.5 lakh youths from across the state applied for the internship and 13,000 of them have been shortlisted by district administrations through interviews.

Objective of Chief Minister Jan Seva Mitra Recruitment

“The purpose of starting Chief Minister Jan Seva Mitra Recruitment by the Madhya Pradesh govt. is to provide opportunity to youth of the state to do the work of development scheme in the government department. By taking advantage of this scheme, youth will work for development schemes at the grassroots level,” the notification said.

Ground Level Feedback to MP Government

CM Jan Seva Mitra Yojana will provide ground level feedback to Madhya Pradesh government. The state govt. has various departments to implement developmental schemes and also take feedback from people on various aspects of that welfare scheme. Every panchayat has a secretary, whose primary job is to ensure proper implementation of the schemes and take feedback. The non-government organisations also conduct social audit of the schemes to provide ground level feedback to the government.

MP CM will run this jan sewa campaign (People welfare campaign) and these Jan Sewa Mitras will be extension of the campaign. The state govt. will create pool of skill people in the field of development work. They will work towards community engagement, strengthening the delivery of scheme, supporting elected members and most important micro communication through door step delivery.

Youths in Jan Sewa Mitra Scheme to Get Experience

Youths will get first-hand experience of working environment like in finishing schools. The state govt. is in discussion with multiple organisations so that we can provide some learning certificate to the selected youth. Around 15 youths will be deployed for every block who will work to popularise government scheme and improve its implementation. The selected youths under MP Jan Seva Mitra Yojana will work as felicitator to collect the feedback of different government schemes from people and also they will help the authority in implementation of the scheme.

Opposition attacked MP state govt. saying that “Madhya Pradesh has 34 lakh unemployed youth and the state government is providing internship to unemployed youth. To me, it appears the government is trying to allay fears of young workers of their party”. Praising the initiative, BJP spokesperson said, “This is very innovative step to get the services of third party through internship programme. The youth will get stipend for sharing unbiased feedback about the schemes and will inform common people about the benefit of schemes”.

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