WB Self Help Group & Self Employment Dept. Schemes List 2024 in West Bengal

WB Self Help Group & Self Employment Dept. Schemes List 2024 in West Bengal, SVSKP, WBSSP, Karma Tirtha, Samaj Sathi, Muktidhara schemes for SHGs, check complete details here
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West Bengal Self Help Group and Self Employment Dept. Schemes List 2024. The state govt. of West Bengal has launched a large number of schemes for self help groups to promote women among the society. In this article we will tell you about the complete list of schemes launched by CM Mamata Banerjee led WB Self Help Group & Self Employment Department.

WB Self Help Group and Self Employment Department Schemes List

Here is the complete details of the schemes as are currently running in the West Bengal state by SHG and Self Employment department:-

Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (SVSKP)

Scheme implemented by- West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd. (WBSCL).

Objective of SVSKP

The flagship scheme “Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (SVSKP)” all over the state to create self-employment opportunities for unemployed youth including members of backward classes, minorities and women all over the State. Unemployed youths on fulfilment of certain criteria laid down in the Scheme are helped out to start individually or group enterprises with bank finance.

Subsidy for Individual / Group in SVSKP

Maximum Govt. subsidy of Rs. 1.5 lakh for individual and Rs. 3.5 lakh for group of five and above representing 30% of the project cost is provided by West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd. (WBSCL).

For individual, it is called “AtmaMaryada” and the same for a group is called “AtmaSamman“.

Training in SVSKP Scheme in West Bengal

The main objective of the scheme was to generate self-employment in the State. The unemployed are identified and wherever possible are trained before they come up with their projects for institutional finance whereby subsidy is provided to the entrepreneurs by State Government. With the advent of the new Govt. in the State, certain primal modifications have been brought into the scheme. While the quantum of subsidy has been raised from 20% to 30%.

Strikingly, the scheme has been named after the youth icon of India Swami Vivekananda and has been renamed as ‘Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa’ since 19.09.2012. More stress has been given on training, especially on trades where the locally available abundant raw materials, wasted due to ignorance, could be utilized for producing finer articles and on traditional crafts where there is sufficient potential.

West Bengal Swanirbhar Sahayak Prakalpa (WBSSP)

Scheme implemented by- West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd. (WBSCL)

Objective of WBSSP

In order to provide relief to the interest burden on the Bank loan availed by the Self Help Groups (SHGs), the State Government has introduced the West Bengal SwanirbharSahayakPrakalpa (WBSSP) Scheme. According to this Scheme from 01/04/2014 the Government shall provide an interest subsidy to the eligible SHGs on a portion of the interest charged by Commercial, Regional Rural and Co-operative banks on the Bank loan.

Lesser Interest Component on Loan of SHG

Considering that the Bank is charging interest @11% p.a. on the loan component of SHG, the Government shall subsidize interest component of the loan @9% p.a. and the beneficiary has to pay the rest part i.e., @2% p.a. In order to streamline the system, it has been decided by the Government that the Banks will submit the claim of subsidy electronically to West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd, who will verify the claims and make e-payment directly to the accounts of the eligible SHGs through RTGS/NEFT.

Skill Development Training of SHG members and entrepreneurs

With a view to create employment opportunity, upgrading the skill, developing qualitative standard of the products of self-employment enterprises, the Department of SHG & SE has been organizing training programmes on various trades through

  • District level functionaries
  • West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd. (WBSCL).

Subjects of Training

Tailoring, Soft Toy making, Zori Craft, Floriculture, Jute Products manufacturing, Goat Farming, Computer Applications, Marketing, Handmade Paper Bag making, Napkin Making, Vermi Compost Production, Organic Farming, Industrial Hand Gloves making, Ornamental Candle making, Agarbatti making etc.

Thrust for Training in Jungal Mahal areas of the State

With a view to create employment opportunity and to develop qualitative standard of the products of the SHGs, special training programmes have been organized in 23 blocks of 3 districts, namely Purulia, Bankura, PaschimMedinipur in JangalMahal. Trainings have been imparted on Production of Herbal Dye from flowers, Dry Flowers making, making varied products from Babui Grass, making Quilt from Hen Feather, Plates for Sal Leaves, Eucalyptus Oil extracting, Designer Musk making, Articles from Lac etc.

Karma Tirtha Scheme – Construction of Training-cum-Marketing Complexes

This Department has undertaken a programme of setting up of projects of Training-cum-Marketing Complexes (Karma Tirtha) in the districts and sub-divisional headquarters under State Plan to facilitate training of SHGs for Skill Development and for marketing of their products. 

For more details on Karmatirtha: https://wb.gov.in/government-schemes-details-karmatirtha.aspx

Samaj Sathi Scheme – Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for SHGs

The State Govt. has undertaken an initiative namely Samaj Sathi Scheme which is a Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for SHG members of the State. The task in this regard has been entrusted to the SHG & SE Department as the Nodal Department and WBSCL as the Implementing Agency. The Department entrustedtwo Insurance companies namely National Insurance Company Ltd. & Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. to provide accidental insurance benefit to the SHG members. 

Target Group / Age Limit for Samaj Sathi Scheme

  • Target Group – SHG Members
  • Age limit – 18-60 years

Features of Samaj Sathi Scheme

  • Rs.2 lakh for accidental death & permanent total disablement.
  • Rs.1,50,000/- (maximum) for partial permanent disablement.
  • Rs.60,000/- (maximum) forhospitalization for accidental medical treatment.
  • Rs.5,000/- (maximum) on accidental outdoor medical treatment (Day Care).
  • Rs.2500/- for funeral expenses for accidental death over & above of the Principal Amount.

Muktidhara (Sustainable Livelihood Project)

The Department undertook a Sustainable Livelihood Project named ‘Muktidhara’ during 2012-13. It has been initially implemented in Purulia & PaschimMedinipur district, to create and maintain sustainable livelihood of Self Help Group (SHG) members as to alleviate their poverty and to develop them economically. The project is being implemented in association with NABARD. The project is going to be implemented in 7 more districts of the State namely Howrah, Hooghly, N. 24 Parganas, S. 24 Parganas, Nadia, Murshidabad & Burdwan. For more details on Muktidhara Scheme, click https://wb.gov.in/government-schemes-details-muktidhara.aspx

Organizing of Fairs & Exhibitions

Fairs & Exhibitions are organized on regular basis to open up avenues for marketing the products of self-employed entrepreneurs & to establish their linkages with potential buyers apart from publicizing and creating awareness regarding quality, prices, and usefulness of the products of the SVSKP Entrepreneurs. The Department organizes State level, Kolkata SabalaMela and district level SabalaMela.

The Self Help Groups (SHGs) not only succeeded in selling their merchandise considerably but also a majority of them succeeded in establishing links with some business houses, whole sellers & eminent persons of the marketing world for future sale of their products through them all the year round. Dissemination of knowledge amongst the common people related to SHGs and SEs & their products including niche products was also a major objective.

Cultural programmes were also held every evening to make this fair more attractive. The Department aimed at enabling the SHGs and Entrepreneurs to have access to the market both domestic/national and international. Judging from the comments and reactions of general public as well as visiting dignitaries, it could be said that the Mela was a thumping success. A few selected SHGs & individual Entrepreneurs take part in India International Trade Fair every year wherein the products specially the innovative ones manufactured by the SHGs and Self Employed Entrepreneurs were adored & purchased by Buyers from all cross sections of the Society of Indian Capital City and also by Buyers from outside the country. Apart from this, a large no. of SHGs take part in the Fairs organized by different State Govt. Departmentsand various Fairs Organized by NGOs etc.

Other Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme in West Bengal – 700 Crore for 50 Lakh Rural Women

West Bengal government is going to launch a new scheme worth around Rs. 700 crore to bring about 50 lakh rural women under Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme. Subsequently, all the women residing in villages (rural areas) will get benefit of training and loans. Accordingly, govt. aims at making WB women self reliant and independent.

Under this scheme, govt. will provide skill development training and vocational training to rural women. Moreover, govt. will also arrange loans to create self employment. Furthermore, govt. will also promote the products of SHGs through state govt. departments.

WB SHG scheme will result in the overall development of women and will take place in 3 phases.

West Bengal Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme – 3 Phases

WB govt. will implement this scheme in 3 phases which are as follows:-

  • Identification & Training (1st Phase) – In first phase, the state govt. will identify rural women who are not covered under SHG network. After identification process, govt. will provide Skill Development training and its entire cost will be borne by the state co-operation department.
  • Loans to Rural Women (2nd Phase) – West Bengal govt. is going to provide loans to women in villages. Accordingly, govt. will give interest subsidy on loans from different cooperative banks and cooperative societies. Henceforth, women this get these loans for self employment at low interest rates.
  • Promotion & Marketing of SHG Products (3rd Phase) – The final phase of this scheme will include promotion and marketing of the products of these SHGs. For this reason, govt. will open SHG outlets and will also create a network of other state govt. departments such as agriculture marketing, food & supplies and small & medium industries department.

Till date, there are around 2 lakh active Self Help Group in West Bengal and around 50 lakh women are associated with it. So, the state govt. wants to increase this number to 1 crore with inclusion of 50 lakh more women. Henceforth, govt. will complete this project of opening 2 lakh more SHG in Bengal in the FY 2018-19.

Source / Reference Link: https://wb.gov.in/departments-details.aspx?id=D171020173250687&page=Self-Help-Group-and-Self-Employment

Official Website for Department of Self Help Group & Self Employment, West Bengal – https://www.shgsewb.gov.in/

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