Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024 – 5.32 Lakh Laptops to TN Government Schools / Polytechnic Students

Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024 to restart, 5.32 lakh laptops to class 11th, 12th students in TN government schools & 1st year polytechnic students, check complete details of government providing free laptops for youth (muft laptop vitaran) yojana here
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Tamilnadu government is going to implement Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024 for the students of govt. / govt. aided schools and polytechnic colleges in the state. TN Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2024 will facilitate students in acquiring better skills. Around 5.32 lakh laptops would be provided to the students under government providing free laptops for youth 2024 scheme. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the Tamil Nadu Muft Laptop Vitaran Yojana.

Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024

As the Tamil Nadu government was unable to distribute the full quota of free laptops to students studying in the state-run schools in past academic years due to COVID-19 lockdown, the scheme is now set to be back on track from October 2023. In the Tamilnadu budget, it has been decided to procure 5.32 lakh laptops at a cost of Rs. 950 crore under Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024. Now the state government will provide free laptops to around 5,32,000 students of class 11th, 12th, 1st year polytechnic students. These free laptops would give a major push to technology driven learning and help students in their online education.

Delay in Government Providing Free Laptops for Youth

Every year, the free laptops distribution begins soon after the schools and polytechnic colleges reopen in June. The distribution of muft laptop computers complete by October month of particular academic year but this time it would be delayed. The government has floated an internationally competitive bid to purchase 5.32 lakh laptops.

Progress of Tamilnadu Student Free Laptop Scheme

The state government of Tamil Nadu is implementing the scheme of distribution of laptop computers to the students studying in Government and Government-aided schools and colleges in the state to facilitate them in acquiring better skills. Tamilnadu government had issued orders in G.O. (Ms) No.1, dated 03.06.2011 by the Special Programme Implementation Department for the procurement of laptop computers to ELCOT.

So far in 6 phases from 2011-12 to 2016-17, 38,53,572 numbers of laptop computers were procured and supplied. For phase – 7th, 8th & 9th procurement of 15,66,022 numbers of laptops was finalized through ICB tender which are yet to be distributed. Now the Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme is going to restart in October 2023.

Major Beneficiaries of TN Free Laptop Scheme 2024

In the recent proposal for financial year 2023-24, govt. has allocated Rs. 950 crore for Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024. Moreover from this year, education dept. has prepared proposal to distribute free laptops to the following students:-

  • 5.19 lakh Class 11 students
  • 11,533 to first year polytechnic students
  • 463 differently-abled Class 11 students
  • 1,293 class 12th physically challenged candidates.

This TN free laptop computer scheme is only for class 11th, 12th and 1st year polytechnic students (including disabled) whose details can be checked at official website (to be launched soon).

Specifications of Laptops in Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme

Laptops in TN Free Laptop Distribution Scheme would be distributed only to the students who cleared board exams. The laptops will come with the following specifications:-

  • 2.0 GHz Pentium processor
  • 500 GB hard disk
  • Integrated graphics supporting 128 MB VRAM or higher version
  • Windows 10 pro-national academic edition
  • One year warranty including battery

The state government of Tamil Nadu will set up computer hardware units in all the districts to look into repair issues. Under Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme, 51.67 lakh laptops have already been distributed free of cost to students at a cost of Rs. 7257.61 crore from 2011-12 to 2019 -20.

Background of Tamilnadu Free Laptop Computer Scheme

In the current academic year, Lenovo which is a computer manufacturing company has won the tender to distribute 15.66 lakh laptops each at the cost of 10,000 plus tax. As per the school education dept. policy note, govt. has allotted Rs. 950 crore for Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024.

Earlier, the laptop computers which were provided to the students has only basic software. There was an option to install additional features, but the short capacity and speed of laptop does not support it. The laptops which were issued could only be used to read or write and nothing else could be done. Now the new laptops to be provided by the Tamil Nadu government would be of modern era and comparable to the latest updated computers.

These laptops would be useful for those who are in desperate need of one. There is a major shortage of computer teachers in high schools and if it continues so, then point of distributing laptops will serve no purpose. So, the state government has decided to start Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme from October 2023.

Tamilnadu Govt. Plans Free Laptop Scheme for Government School Teachers

Tamil Nadu govt. is also planning to start Free Laptop Scheme (Muft Laptop Yojana) for government school teachers. Under this TN Free Laptop Scheme, the state govt. will provide free laptops to around 2.5 lakh teachers. School Education Minister had made this announcement on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

The state govt. will make an official announcement for Tamilnadu Free Laptop Scheme 2024 for govt. school teachers after consulting the Chief Minister. This scheme will foster online collaboration with students in classroom. Teachers would be facilitated to provide curriculum support and additional information to students. This scheme will promote better organization as laptop will help teachers to keep track of students assignments and prepare an online school calendar.

Features of TN Free Laptop Scheme for Govt. School Teachers

The Tamilnadu state govt. will provide free laptops to around 2.5 lakh teachers of government / govt. aided schools. This scheme will ensure quality education to students as burden of teachers would get reduced. Teachers would be able to receive and view assignments online. Students can even submit their work via e-mail which are easy to check.

The review process would be simplified through TN Free Laptop Scheme for Educators. Teachers may edit student papers and return them digitally to provide more detailed feedback to improve digital learning process. Currently, the school education department is distributing free laptops to Post-graduate teachers to enable them to teach class 11th and 12th students using online resources.

Revamp of Vocational Education System in Tamil Nadu

The state govt. is also going to replace 90,000 blackboards with smart boards this year. In addition to this, TN govt. also plans to provide complete revamp of vocational education system. This would enable students to become self dependent and become professionals after finishing school.

Tamil Nadu govt. is also planning to send its teachers to Finland to understand vocational education techniques. The state govt. has requested officials in Finland and training and other details would be finalized after detailed discussion. Teachers must adapt themselves to modern methods of teaching in order to capture attention of students.

ELCOT Student Free Laptop Scheme – https://elcot.in/student-free-laptop

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