Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024 – Wedding Kits to Newly Married Couples

Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024 to launch, wedding kits containing marriage registration form, condoms, OCPs, ECPs, comb, bindi, nail cutter to newly married couples
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Odisha government is going to launch a new Nai Pahal Scheme 2024 for newly wed couples. Under this नयी पहल योजना, the state govt. will provide wedding kits to newly married couples. The state govt. will start this new initiative to motivate young married couples to adopt proper family planning as part of population control measures. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme.

Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme 2024

The new Odisha govt’s initiative called Nai Pahal Scheme under the National Health Mission (NHM) aims to raise awareness about the need of adopting temporary and permanent methods of family planning by young couples. Under Odisha Nai Pahal Scheme, the state government has planned to gift newlyweds “wedding kits” having a booklet on methods and benefits of family planning, marriage registration form, condoms, oral and emergency contraceptives. In addition to this, the wedding kit will also contain pregnancy testing kit, grooming materials like towels, comb, bindi, nail cutter, and mirror among others.

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) will be entrusted with the task of distributing the kits to the newly-wed couples from September 2022. ASHAs are being trained to ensure that the new couples are properly encouraged to adopt family planning methods through the Nai Pahal Scheme. Odisha is the first State in the country to launch the Nai Pahal Scheme despite having a low total fertility rate (TFR). The TFR explained as the average number of children borne by a woman over her lifetime stands at 1.8 in Odisha against the national average of two.

Items in Wedding Kit under Nai Pahal Scheme

  • Booklet on benefits of family planning, marriage registration form, condoms, oral contraceptive pills and emergency contraceptive pills
  • Home pregnancy testing kit will also be part along with a bride grooming kit

ASHAs will visit the houses where the wedding is taking place and gift the kit from September onwards. They, besides briefing the newly-weds about the spacing and limiting methods, will also keep a close watch on the benefit of the kit. For this purpose, ASHAs will get incentives.  

Along with the contact details of ASHA, ANM and local health workers, the kit may have a wedding congratulatory message from the Chief Minister. The Health department has also planned to strengthen delivery of new injectibe contraceptives to eligible couples and roll out family planning counselling and contraceptive services in all functional urban primary health centres.

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