jaivikkheti.in – Jaivik Kheti Portal Online Registration for Buyers & Sellers

Jaivik Kheti Portal Online Registration 2024 & login at jaivikkheti.in for Buyers / Sellers (individual farmers, local group, aggregator), promote organic farming or Rasayan Mukt Bharat, prohibits use of chemical fertilizers for farming purpose, complete details here

jaivikkheti.in – Jaivik Kheti Portal Online Registration for Buyers & Sellers

Jaivik Kheti Portal

PM Narendra Modi has launched a new Jaivik Kheti Portal at jaivikkheti.in to promote organic farming across the country. This portal will promote Rasayan Mukt Bharat Abhiyan and prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers for farming purpose. Jaivikkheti portal is a one stop solution for facilitating organic farmers to sell their organic produce and promoting organic farming and its benefits. This portal caters various stakeholders like local groups, individual farmers, buyers and input suppliers. Subsequently, buyers and seller can make online registration at jaivikkheti.in

Organic Farming aims to cultivate the land in order to keep soil in good condition through crop, animal, and farm waste. Accordingly, this type of farming includes use of biological materials having microbes to provide nutrients to soil. This portal is a great combination of innovation and traditional methods of farming. Here farmers can sell their agricultural produce at appropriate prices and traders can buy crops directly from farmers.

Jaivik Kheti Portal Online Registration

Buyers and Sellers can both make Jaivik Kheti Portal online registration at the specified portal. Now lets check the process for registration.

Buyer Registration at Jaivik Kheti Portal

Here is the complete procedure to make buyers online registration for Jaivik Kheti Portal:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website https://www.jaivikkheti.in/

STEP 2: Subsequently on the homepage, scroll over the “Buyer” tab and then click the “Buyer Registration” button.

STEP 3: Directly click https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop/buyer

STEP 4: Then “Jaivik Kheti Portal Buyer Registration Form” will appear as follows:-

Buyer Registration Jaivik Kheti Portal

STEP 5: Fill in all the details accurately and then click at “Submit” button to complete buyers registration process. Afterwards, make Buyers Login at Jaivik Kheti Portal using the link https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop/buyer/login

STEP 6: Accordingly, the Jaivik Kheti Portal Buyer Login page will appear as shown below:-

Buyer Login Jaivik Kheti Portal

STEP 7: Here candidates can enter the email ID / mobile number, password and then click at the “Sign In” button to make Buyers Login.

Seller Registration at Jaivik Kheti Portal

Here is the complete procedure to make sellers online registration for Jaivik Kheti Portal:-

Jaivik Kheti Portal Shop Registration
Jaivik Kheti Portal Farmer Registration Form
Jaivik Kheti Portal Seller Local Group Registration

About Jaivik Kheti – Rasayan Mukt Bharat Portal

Jaivikkheti portal is a unique initiative of Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Department of Agriculture (DAC) along with MSTC to promote organic farming globally. It is a one stop solution for facilitating organic farmers to sell their organic produce and promoting organic farming and its benefits.

Jaivikkheti portal is an E-commerce as well as a knowledge platform. Knowledge repository section of the portal includes case studies, videos, and best farming practices, success stories and other material related to organic farming to facilitate and promote organic farming. . E-commerce section of the portal provides the whole bouquet of organic products ranging from grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

Buyers can now avail organic products at their door step through the portal at much lower prices. Organic farmers toil day and night to produce these best organic products and made them available for consumers via farm gate as well as door step delivery at very low prices as compared to market. This portal links various stakeholders like regional councils, local groups, individual farmers, buyers, government agencies and input suppliers for the all-inclusive development and promotion of organic farming.

Through this portal we provide various price discovery mechanisms to help farmers get the best prices for their products through forward auction, price-quantity bidding, book building and reverse auction mechanisms.

Facilities at Jaivik Kheti Portal

Converting Chemical Farming to Organic Farming – 10 Points

Farmers must follow the following 10 steps to transform their farming process to organic farming:-

  1. Use of Pesticides, fertilizers and weedicides needs to get eliminated.
  2. Subsequently, farmers must also stop using chemically treated seeds as well as GMO products.
  3. In addition to this, farmers must adopt either Multiple cropping system or Inter cropping or Crop rotation or Agri + Horti + forestry system or Trap Crops.
  4. Farmers must prepare their own compost using organic manures such as cow dung etc. For this farmers will have to perform seed treatment like Beejamrutham and Waste decomposer. In addition for soil nutrition, farmers can prefer panchgayva, jeevamrutham, biofertilizer, biopesticide and biological inputs. For growth of plants, farmers can use AmrithPani, MatkhaKahd and waste decomposer. Finally for plant protection, farmers can use Neemastra, Bramshtra and Dashparni Extract.
  5. Moreover, natural resources like compost, mulching, green manuring, house hold waste should be recycled.
  6. Adoption of Animal Husbandry (Desi Cattle), fisheries, poultry, goats and birds without use of antibiotics,
    hormones and injections.
  7. Farmers must begin using their own seeds and chemically untreated seeds.
  8. Har Med Per Peadh – Farmers must use different kind of nitrogen harvesting plants which will assure natural predator, compost source, winds barrier and buffer zones.
  9. Accordingly, govt. must focus on stop burning of crop wastage and start in-situ composting.
  10. Finally, farmers must do PGS-India Certification absolutely free.

After adopting all the above mentioned steps, farmers will turn into an organic farmer. Green Revolution is essential for sustainability of life and property.

Helpline Number

Helpdesk — 033 23400020/21/22

E-mail ID — jaivikkheti@mstcindia.co.in

e-Bazaar — https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop

File a Grievance – https://www.jaivikkheti.in/grievance

Contact or Feedback — https://www.jaivikkheti.in/contactus

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