Jagananna Chebudam Scheme AP 2024 to be Launched by CM Jagan

Jagananna Chebudam Scheme 2024 to launch in Andhra Pradesh soon, upgraded version of Spandana in AP, individual / household grivances of public to be addressed

Jagananna Chebudam Scheme AP 2024 to be Launched by CM Jagan

Jagananna Chebudam Scheme

Andhra Pradesh CM to launch Jagananna Chebudam scheme, an upgraded version of Spandana, on 9th May 2023. In this scheme, the state govt. machinery will address individual and family related grievances. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the AP Jagananna Chebudam Yojana.

About Jagananna Chebudam Scheme 2024

Chief Minister YS Jagan would launch the ambitious Jagananna Chebudam which is an upgraded and one step ahead of the public grievance redressal Spandana program in the state. “The name of the program, Jagananna Chebudam, itself speaks volumes of the scheme. The entire government machinery is behind the scheme to give qualitative service delivery. Addressing the individual and household grievances should be the priority of the concerned officials in the most efficient way,” said the Chief Minister.

Regarding the Projecting Monitoring Units at the CMO level, secretaries, district, and Mandal level, the Chief Minister said, “The monitoring units have been appointed to assist the departments, and only then, a desired outcome would come. All the grievances raised through the redressal helpline must be taken on priority by concerned officials and must be dealt with in time bound manner.” Reddy also noted the redressal helpline 1092 has additional features like inputs on government schemes or sharing a message directly to CM Jagan.

“IVRS and SMS-based communication will be directly sent to the people with regular updates, feedback and understand how the scheme is being implemented,” said Chief Minister. Before the launch of the program, the helpline number should be widely publicized with the help of village volunteers, sachivalayams, and other modes. CM further said that the program will be implemented through key mechanisms like Project Monitoring Units and Special Officers (Senior IAS officers) will be visiting the districts twice a month to monitor and regular checks.

“If a closed redressal is opened again, it should be the most priority for the officials to rectify it,” said the officials. The Chief Minister has also allocated Rs. 3 crores to each collector to work on the redressal mechanisms and instructed the Chief Secretary to delegate more powers to the District Collectors to rectify individual grievances.

“There should be a school digital day once a month and the digital assistant will go to schools and provide training on the use and awareness of the use of tabs given by the government,” he added. On the reopening day (June 12), school kits should be readily available without delay. “About 43.01 lakh people will get Jagananna Vidya Kanuka kits. I should not receive complaints from any school or any student about the not availability of kits.

Earlier, books were never given on time and they were given in September or October. Collectors should own programs for children in schools and also by appointing night watchmen in schools,” said the Chief Minister. Regarding the prevention of drugs, Police officials should display the SEB toll-free number in all colleges with huge hoardings. Intelligence should come to officials from the ground (colleges) and conduct counselling for children so that they do not get affected by it. Drug peddlers should be dealt with strict punishments. Over 15 thousand women police working in the village should be vigil, said Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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