Goa Employment Exchange Portal Online Registration & Login (L&E Card)

Goa Employment Exchange Portal online registration & login for unemployed youths available at goaonline.gov.in, employees can also apply online for labour and employment card (L&E card)
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Goa Employment Exchange has launched an online registration process at goaonline.gov.in to replace existing manual registration at employment exchange. This portal for youths will streamline the exercise of registration at state employment exchange. Goa Employment Exchange Portal online registration & login will also help in creating a database of unemployed as well as employed people in Goa. Govt. has also announced issuance of Labour and Employment Card (L&E Card).

Goa Employment Exchange L&E Card registration has been made compulsory for every job aspirant / unemployed in order to secure placement in govt. as well as quasi-government-institutions, statutory bodies like municipalities, panchayats etc.

All the candidates who are already registered with the Goa employment exchange must now upgrade their details and get themselves registered online at goaonline.gov.in. It is also compulsory for the employers to get their every employee registered for the L&E Card.

Goa Employment Exchange Online Registration & Login

Below is the complete procedure to make Goa employment exchange registration and login:-

  • Firstly visit the official website goaonline.gov.in
  • At the homepage, click at the “Register” option or can directly click this link
  • Afterwards, the Goa Employment Exchange Online Registration page will appear as follows:-
Goa Employment Exchange Online Registration
Goa Employment Exchange Online Registration
  • Here candidates can enter their e-mail ID and password and then submit the ‘OTP‘ to open the Goa Employment Exchange Portal Online Registration Form as shown below:-
Goa Employment Exchange Portal Online Registration Form
Goa Employment Exchange Portal Online Registration Form
  • Here candidates can enter necessary details accurately and complete the ‘Registration / Signup’ process to proceed for Login.
  • Next, candidates can make Goa Employment Exchange Portal Login to complete the online application process.

Goa Online MMP aims at electronic delivery of all public services at district and sub district level. At the initial level, 14 services have been identified of high volume citizen centric public services at district & Initially 14 services are identified of high volume citizen centric public services at district and sub-district level and these will be taken up for implementation.

Goa Labour and Employment Card (L& E Card)

The online registration for Labour and Employment Card (L&E Card) at goaonline.gov.in will facilitate the state employment exchange to link the collected data to National Career System (NCS) and integrate it with the Aadhaar Card. L&E Card number is a unique identification number which would be generated through Goa Employment Exchange Online Portal.

L&E Card number will be maintained across the entire employment life span (employed and unemployed) of the citizens. This card will hold the complete employment status history of the candidates. The employment exchange portal online registration has no charges while each person who is making registration will have to get one time L&E card carrying an information chip by paying a sum of Rs. 75.

L&E Card would reflect the government schemes as availed by the owner of the card. These owners of the L&E card would be able to upgrade the information with regards to their bio data, resume, change in job / profile and change in skill sets. The employment exchange in Goa has mixed registration of around 1.21 lakh unemployed and employed individuals.

Fresh Online Registration at Goa Employment Exchange Portal

The fresh online registration at Goa Employment Exchange portal would result in more 7 lakh individuals making online registration. This includes around 5.50 lakh employed people and the rest unemployed ones. All the labour class workers covered under the building and other construction workers must also get themselves registered online with the state employment exchange portal.

The state govt. of Goa will provide tool kits to 10,000 such individuals undertaking their online registration with the state employment exchange. Goa govt. appeals to all village panchayats and municipalities to help employment exchanges in online registration of building and construction workers. Moreover, more kiosks and common service centers would also be setup for the purpose.

Goa Employment Exchange Helpline

In case of any query, all the candidates can contact the helpline number at +91-9225905914 b/w 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m.

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  1. Please assist Me in getting My Employment Exchange card renewed. Am trying to renew My card online as well as in-person, by visiting the concerned Office, but both the options have Failed. Hence, I am writing this to You as last Ray of Hope.

    Thank You
    Anupama Arondekar

  2. I want to enroll for new employment card but the Web site is not opening for almost 2 weeks .
    goaonline.gov. in

  3. i m trying to apply for for new employment register card online , the website is not working properly it is diverting to hotel accomodations in goa.

  4. I am trying to apply for employment card in goa online site. it is showing saved in draft form. but I cannot find it. Some other person has already mentioned the same question. but still no answer. Why is the site not updated? If updated, why neglected? Why are there no answers to questions & queries regarding the site?

  5. I was trying to apply for my employment card from last 3days it is showing your application is saved in draft but i cant find it . can you please tell me where is the draft ?.

  6. I have filled the Employment and labour in goaonline and data is saved in draft, its not deleting nor editing, I already called to helpline but they are not responding, i called many times even i massage 2 to 3 times but no response, provide us proper service.

  7. the website has lots of bugs . god knows who has developed this useless website . the service is very poor they dont answer to any questions. even i am facing the same problem saying application form is alrady saved in draft mode.
    where the hell is draft mode .and when i try to create new account for my sister it says user with adhar card already exists. where in the account is not yet created .

  8. Since one month i was trying to apply for employment card but message showing that your application is saved in draft mode i called on helpline no. many time but till date my problem is not solved.

  9. Hi… I wanted to do employment card… How to do…. First before marriage I was from Maharashtra now after marriage is in goa. If I am eligible to apply… I have studied from kg to TY in Goa…..
    I need to do employment card…

  10. Hi
    I applied for the same but askin for 15 years residence certificate. I got residence crttificate of 12 years but i am staying in Goa since 1987i.e. 34 years.
    Who can solve my problem.??

  11. i have my employment card to renew this december ,so is there a website torenew online or i have register as new employment card registration.


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