Goa Revised Cyberage Student Scheme 2024 – Free Laptops Now Schools Property

DoE submitted Revised Cyberage Student Scheme 2024 to state govt. to provide free laptops to class 11th students, now these laptops would belong to the schools and students must return these free laptops to schools on completion of their schooling to be used by next batch गोवा रिवाइज्ड साइबरऐज स्टूडेंट स्कीम 2024 - फ्री लैपटॉप अब स्कूल की प्रॉपर्टी
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Directorate of Education (DoE) in Goa has submitted a Revised Cyberage Student Scheme to the state govt. for approval. Under this scheme, laptops which are provided to class 11th students will no longer be the property of the students. Rather these laptops are now property of schools where the students are enrolled in. Now those student beneficiaries who have received laptops under free laptop scheme in Goa will have to return the laptops to the schools on completion of their schooling.

Goa Revised Cyberage Student Scheme 2024 is presently awaiting approval from the state government. This revised free laptop scheme will save funds of government spent on the recurring expense of supplying every new batch with computers as the laptops can be reused by the next batch of students.

During his last term as Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar had made this announcement that cyberage scheme is being revised as the students were found misusing their laptops. Some students were selling laptops online which were received under the free laptop scheme.

Goa Revised Cyberage Student Scheme 2024

Cyberage scheme in Goa was introduced in FY 2002 by Manohar Parrikar during his 1st term in office. This was the first scheme across the country where laptops were being provided absolutely free to students of higher secondary schools and professional colleges. Later this scheme was upgraded to provide laptops to students. Till date, all the students in class XI are entitled to get free laptops. But it is proposed that class XI students of the academic year 2024 will receive laptops under the revised cyberage student scheme.

Implementation of Goa Free Laptop Scheme 2024

The implementation of new free laptop scheme may take some time as various revised scheme related details are yet to be finalised. This revised cyberage scheme 2024 would include the provisions for students liability if the laptop provided by the schools to him / her is damaged while in the possession of the students.

Under the present cyberage scheme, laptop solely belongs to the students from the time it is allotted to the students, but it cannot be used for the initial years by the students for any commercial purpose.

Goa Revised Free Laptop Scheme Cyberage
Goa Revised Free Laptop Scheme Cyberage

Free laptop scheme 2024 will remain applicable to all the 11th class students from every stream either arts or science or commerce. All the candidates who wants to apply for the cyberage scheme to get free laptops needs to apply in the prescribed proforma which is to be released later.


Goa Cyberage Student Scheme 2024 Source / Reference Link – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/in-cyberage-scheme-revamp-schools-may-be-given-laptops/articleshow/70210398.cms

For more details, visit the official website – http://education.goa.gov.in/

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