Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024 Apply Online at Portal

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme online registrations / applications at, check the complete list of electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi, EV Policy PDF, list of approved EV dealerships and list of approved electric vehicle models
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Delhi government is inviting Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024 apply online form at The New Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy was announced by the NCT of Delhi on 7 August 2020. The main aim is to promote adoption of electric vehicles in the city and to make Delhi, the EV Capital of India. The state govt. has launched a web portal to help people avail of subsidies on the purchase of electric vehicles (EV) and facilitate the easy disbursement of incentives under the government’s EV policy to help reduce air pollution in the Capital.

About Portal

In view of providing all necessary information on electric vehicles (EVs) in the national capital on a single platform, the Delhi government launched a dedicated portal on 20 January 2022. The government’s contains information on EV models available in the market, savings and charging facility among others. Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said at the launch event that the Delhi government wanted to give a user-friendly, interactive and resourceful platform to the public. “This new website will be able to provide all required information to potential EV consumers and keep up to date with sales and daily growing charging infrastructure data too,” Gahlot said.

The website also provides information on location of charging stations and specification of the chargers. Currently, Delhi has 377 charging points at 170 locations and the number is increasing. The website will also provide real-time updated numbers to the users, according to a statement issued by the transport department.

EV Calculator at Switch Delhi Portal for Electric Vehicles

The Switch Delhi portal also features ‘EV calculator’ accessible through the link – It gives an estimate of the savings on fuel by a specific EV in comparison to its equivalent conventional vehicle.

“It enables the consumers to make a rational choice and identify the cost reduction that an EV can provid,” Gahlot said. Besides the price, brand and range provided by a given EV, the portal’s dashboard also carries updates on Delhi’s EV ecosystem, including sales and uptake of vehicle in Delhi in real-time.  The website also has a feedback and grievance section where stakeholders can give their suggestions. Especially for grievances and requests, an auto-generated e-mail will be sent to the consumer as well the transport department, the statement mentioned

About Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024

The Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024 aims to achieve the overarching objective to improve Delhi’s air quality and create an entire supply-chain ecosystem for this new segment of vehicles. In order to significantly benefit Delhi’s air quality, the new EV policy intends to deploy 25% of all new vehicles to be battery-operated vehicles by 2024. The is a user-friendly interface for the seamless disbursement of incentives to vehicle buyers. The portal will ensure a hassle-free procedure. Buyers will receive subsidy within three days.

Encouraging electric vehicles is part of the government’s seven-point action plan to combat air pollution announced by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on 6 October 2020. Other measures includes war room for real-time monitoring of air quality, a mobile application to register complaints, tree transplantation policy and dust-control strategies.

Brands / Dealers for Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024

Here is the direct link to check brands / dealers of EV models under Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024 at the official portal –

Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy 2024

The new Electric Vehicle Policy in Delhi will provide incentives to the people who wants to switch from fossil fuels to cleaner energy (electric vehicles). Here is the link to check complete details of the Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy –

Locate Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Delhi

Here is how to locate charging stations for electric vehicles which are currently operating in Delhi –

The state govt. has to create a suitable infrastructure and ecosystem to switch to electric buses. Henceforth, central government has already started FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) Scheme.

Under FAME scheme, central govt. provides incentives to the buyers of Electric Vehicles to improve adoption and sales. This type of Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme will ensure better standards of life to the citizens. For this reason, the state govt. will bring electric vehicles in automobiles and auto component sector.

Electric vehicles needs charging, so there should be a clarity on power tariff. In addition to this, govt. should also provide subsidy on the power consumption of the electric vehicles. Moreover, govt. should take measures to reduce the cost of purchasing Electric Vehicles making it viable for public transport.

Search EV under Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme

Here is how you can search EV under Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024 –

Need for Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024

Delhi is experiencing a major air pollution problem every year especially during winter. Vehicular pollution is one of the major contributors of toxic particles in the air. The National Capital has 10.1 million registered vehicles which is higher than any other city in the country. In the last 4 years, Delhi witnessed several initiatives such as odd even rationing scheme to combat vehicular pollution.

The Delhi govt. has also launched a campaign to encourage people to switch off their vehicle engines while waiting for the traffic signals to turn green. As per the government records, Sale of EVs since August 2020 includes 8,212 two wheelers, 20,969 three wheelers, 2,333 four wheelers and 31 buses till 22 January 2022.

Salient Features of Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Under this scheme, govt. will provide support to all the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Indian manufacturers.
  • Moreover, govt. will support several initiatives like inter-operable charging systems and lower road taxes.
  • Govt. will ensure that this scheme does not have any effect on the manufacturing of the combustion vehicles. Delhi state govt. has already committed to induct 100 electric buses. However, govt. wishes to increase these procurement numbers to 1000.
  • This is done in proper scale and size to make India a manufacturing center for battery as well as exports. This is possible as the per capital usage of car is still low in India.
  • Central govt. will focus to clear the gaps and ambiguity of manufacturers whether they qualifies in the kilometer scheme or not.
  • Moreover, govt. will include these buses in Automobiles and auto component sector.
  • Automobile and auto component sector contributes to around 7.2% of India’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In addition to this, these sectors provides employment to around 3 crore people. Moreover, govt. exports around 25% of the total manufactured product.

Delhi state government is urging the central govt. to provide subsidy along with financial and technical assistance on the purchase of Electric Buses. To create the policy framework includes the following departments – Ministry of Road Transport, Power Sector and Heavy Industries.

Feedback and Queries for Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024

Here is the direct link for feedback and Queries for Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 –

Login for Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2024

Delhi govt. is inviting suggestions from the electric vehicle manufacturers to simplify procurement of such buses. Furthermore, govt. is making every possible effort for the expansion of automobiles and auto component sector for job creation, GDP contributor and increasing exports. For making login, click the link –

Online Process for Electric Vehicle Buyers

Delhi govt. will help electric vehicle buyers from the point of purchase till subsidy and incentive amounts are credited to their bank accounts. The entire process is online. The registered users will keep getting updates under various stages – when documents are processed by dealers, verification by local MLAs and when the subsidy amount is sent to the bank concerned. Only three documents are needed – purchase invoice, Aadhaar and a copy of a cancelled cheque.

Under the government’s EV policy, electronic vehicle owners are entitled to subsidies up to Rs 150,000 depending on the nature of vehicles. They have to pay the entire amount to dealers while purchasing the vehicle and then claim government subsidy. Under the policy, vehicle owners are also entitled to a range of incentives for scrapping fuel-based vehicles and investing on electric vehicles.

While the EV policy was notified on August 7, other provisions such as road tax exemption and registration fee waiver were separately notified on October 10 ad 15, respectively.

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