Haryana Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024 – Food @ Rs. 10

Haryana Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024 launched, clean food with high nutritional value at just Rs. 10 for farmers, unorganized sector workers (labourers), currently operational in 6 districts - Sirsa, Tohana, Rewari, Gharaunda, Rohtak, Thanesar, to be started in 25 districts, check complete details here
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Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024 has been launched by the Haryana government and its scope is continuously increasing in the state. In this scheme, the state govt. will provide food at Rs. 10 to poor farmers, workers among others. This Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteen Yojna has been running in 5 mandis since February 2020. Now this scheme has been operational in 6 more districts.

Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024

In the Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024, the state govt. will provide food to farmers and labourers at just Rs. 10. As the scheme is currently operational in 6 districts, the state govt. has planned to open this canteen at a total of 25 places in the state. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details about the nutritious food scheme in Haryana.

Where to Find Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteens

It is a common question that where do we find Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteens in the Haryana state. Here is the list of 6 districts where the Atal Kisan Mazdoor Yojana is currently operational:-

  • Sirsa
  • Tohana of Fatehabad
  • Rewari
  • Gharaunda of Karnal
  • Rohtak
  • Thanesar of Kurukshetra

Features of Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024

Here are the important features and highlights of the Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana 2024:-

  • The state govt. provides food at just Rs. 10 to poor people.
  • Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteens are currently operation in 6 districts of Haryana state as mentioned above.
  • Checking for nutritional value and cleanliness of food is carried out at each canteen.
  • The major beneficiaries of this scheme are poor farmers and labourers (unorganised sector workers).
  • CCTVs have been installed in every canteen to keep a check on its implementation.
  • As per the agricultural officials, goods worth around Rs. 6 lakh are being made available in the Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteen.
  • Daily food is being provided to 300 people from every canteen. 
  • In the canteen, people are being given tawa roti, rice, dal fry, seasonal vegetables, portable drinking water.
  • Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteens include gas burners, chimneys, deep freezers. Other items including water coolers are included.

In addition to the currently functional canteens, the new Atal Kisan Majdoor Canteens will be opened in other grain mandis of the state. Plans are being made for opening of Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteens in 25 districts of the state. While in the first phase in February 2020, these canteens have been opened in Karnal, Panchkula, Bhiwani, Fatehabad and Noah. Basic goods are being provided by HSMB while goods have also been provided by a bank. The special thing is that these canteens are run by Self Help Group (SHGs). 

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