[Phase 2] Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024 for Shepherds / Sheep Producers Societies

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024 for Shepherds & Sheep Producers Societies, 2nd Phase to start on 24 October, 75% subsidy to beneficiaries among the Golla-Kuruma community, check details here

[Phase 2] Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024 for Shepherds / Sheep Producers Societies

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme

Telangana Sheep Distribution scheme 2024 is a subsidized sheep distribution scheme launched by the Government of Telangana. The Phase 1, 2 for TS Sheep Distribution Scheme have been completed and now Phase 3 is going to start soon. The sheep distribution scheme will be resumed and new sheep units will be handed over for eligible beneficiaries who have already paid their share.

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 3 Update

CM KCR has decided to start the third phase of the programme from the current financial year. Telangana govt. has allocated funds for the Sheep Distribution Program Phase 3 in the TS state budget 2022-23. The distribution of sheeps to shepherds and sheep producer societies in Phase 3 is going to begin soon.

Sheep Distribution Scheme - Latest Updates

18 Mar
Telangana govt. Allocated Money in TS Budget for Implementation of Sheep Distribution Scheme The government has decided to distribute 3 lakh sheep units in the coming year. Rs 3,000 crore allocated for the scheme.

TS Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 2

The state government had earlier launched the Telangana Sheep Distribution programme 2nd Phase on 24 October 2021 which is now completed. On the instructions of CM KCR, arrangements were made for distribution of 3.5 lakh sheep at the rate of 20 sheep to each Golla Kuruma community beneficiary. Around Rs. 6,000 crore were spent in the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 2. The government had spent Rs. 5,000 crore in the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 1st Phase and had distributed 3.74 lakh sheep units in that 1st phase.

CM has decided to increase the sheep unit price to Rs. 1,75,000 (earlier 1.25 lakh) and accordingly, the beneficiary component of 25 per cent of total unit cost also has been increased by Rs. 12,500 i.e from Rs. 31,250 to Rs. 43,750. In all, around 2,797 beneficiaries paid their share through demand drafts including the additional amount of Rs. 12,500 and they received the sheep units each comprising of 20 sheep and one ram.

Impact of Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme

The sheep distribution scheme for Golla Kurumas and Yadavs and fish distribution programme for Mudiraj community have yielded good results so far. The state has surpassed Rajasthan and became number one in sheep population in the country. KCR mentioned that agriculture in Telangana region when AP was unified was in a bad shape. Former governments had also neglected and destroyed hereditary professions, hereditary occupant’s life was always intertwined with BC communities who have excellent trade skills.

Telangana state has now emerged on top in the dairy sector in the country. For dairy farmers, the government was providing subsidies and extending support in several ways. The state-run Vijaya Dairy and Karimnagar Dairy were working efficiently. After agriculture, handloom sector was the largest among hereditary professions. Padmashali community, which was given respect on a par with Brahmins in the past, became a victim of starvation and suicide deaths under united AP rulers.

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 1 Details

Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 1 was started by the Telangana government from 16 January 2021. 1st phase implementation of sheep distribution programme was put on hold in the year 2020 due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the state. CM K Chandrashekhar Rao had instructed the officials to complete first phase of Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024. So distribution of sheeps to shepherds and sheep producers societies was started at Nalgonda in 1st Phase which is now completed.

Sheep Distribution Scheme 1st Phase Launch

As we have told you earlier that the Sheep Distribution Scheme Phase 1 was started at Nalgonda from 16 Jan 2021 by Chief Minister KCR. The state govt. of Telangana started Sheep Distribution Scheme 2024 for shepherds and sheep producer societies. The beneficiaries of Sheep Distribution Scheme 1st / 2nd Phase have already drawn necessary demand drafts and now 3rd phase is going to launch soon. The state government is committed to provide sheep to each and every eligible family of the Golla-Kuruma community.

75% Subsidy to Beneficiaries of TS Sheep Distribution Programme

In the sheep distribution programme, Telangana govt. will provide 75% subsidy to beneficiaries among the Golla-Kuruma community. Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme has empowered the community both socially and economically.

Eligibility Criteria for Sheep Distribution Scheme in Telangana

It is launched to support the traditional shepherd community, the Kurumas and Yadavas in Telangana. Every person aged above 18 years from shepherd community eligible for the scheme and is given a unit of sheet, which has 20 sheep and a ram.

Mobile veterinary units

The government started mobile veterinary units to attend to sickness and treatment of animals for the scheme. The toll free number is 1962.

Insurance to Shepherd Farmer

The shepherd farmer receives insurance in case of a death by the government. Rs. 5,000 for a sheep and Rs. 7,000 for a ram.


For providing fodder the government is giving 75% subsidy on grass seeds.

History of Sheep Distribution in Telangana

The scheme was launched on 20 June 2017 by the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrashekhar Rao. Of the Rs. 1.25 lakhs cost per unit, the government provides 75% (Rs. 93,750) of the cost and 25% (Rs. 31,250) is borne by the beneficiary. The scheme was started to strengthen the rural economy through empowerment of Golla and Kurma communities in their traditional occupations. It is implemented by Telangana State Sheep and Goat Development Cooperative Federation (TSSGDCF). The sheep are purchased from other states, in order to avoid recycling and increase the net population in the state. The sheep breeds chosen are Nellore Brown (Dora), Nellore Jodipi (white with black spots on face), Deccani and Madras Red.

Source / Reference Link: https://telanganatoday.com/sheep-distribution-to-resume-from-october-24-talasani

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