ova.gov.in – Odia Virtual Academy (OVA) Website Launched by CM Odisha

Odisha CM launches Odia Virtual Academy website ova.gov.in to preserve resources of Odia language & culture of the state, OVA portal contains library, magazines, dictionary, info. on cultural dance & music and even translation for Odia language
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Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has launched Odia Virtual Academy Website ova.gov.in/de to preserve resources of Odia language and culture of the state. This will help the state govt. to present Odia as the language of knowledge & science before the current and future generation which will preserve the “Dignity” of nation. OVA portal contains library, magazines, dictionary, info. on cultural dance and music and even translation for Odia language.

OVA website also contains links for other Odia websites, OVA webinar, virtual classes, online certification courses, citizen book upload, Odia software, Odia font, workshops, Odia blog and language learning.

The first and foremost purpose to launch OVA is to portray the past and present in front of the future generation to recognize and widespread odia as a language of knowledge and science.

Odia Virtual Academy Website

The primary objectives behind the launch of Odia Virtual Academy websites are as follows:-

  1. To digitize approx. 2000 rare and copyright free books and to establish a free digital library.
  2. To digitize various dictionaries which are presently available and to upload such dictionaries on Odia Virtual Academy website for free access to citizens.
  3. Promotion of Odia unicode fontfaces by standardization of typing keyboards and to make them affordable for general public in the next 6 months.
  4. To develop primers and their uploading on Odia Virtual Academy to ensure easy learning and speaking of Odia language by English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish people.

All the details regarding Odia language are present at the official ova.gov.in which will provide all the necessary information about the language.

Purpose of Odia Virtual Academy

OVA website will serve the following purposes for protecting the integrity of Odia language:-

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  • Odia Virtual Academy website has been launched to digitize and preserve rare Odia books, lexicon, ancient magazines-journals, traditional music, ancient documents and literature on science and history.
  • Moreover folk culture, tribal language and literature, history-oriented essays, speech of great personalities, Sri Jagannath culture, temple and architectures would also be preserved.
  • This website will preserve the contributions of poets, writers, playwrights, journalists, critics, translators and literary stalwarts, all those people who have enriched and protected the treasure of Odia language.
  • OVA website will work and promote the recent trend of computer and internet based application of language resources.
  • This website will ensure simple and easy use of Odia language in computers, and will be helpful for relevant research work by govt/private organizations, institutions, academies and universities.

OVA website will develop an internet based dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia in Odia though vocabulary and grammar are important for any language.

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