Kerala Life Mission Beneficiaries List / Priority Order / Survey Status / House Progress Report at | Free Housing Scheme for Home-Less People

Kerala Life Mission beneficiaries list, priority order, survey status (district-wise), house progress report at, free housing scheme for homeless people, candidates can download pdf and apply for name inclusion in landless / homeless government list

Kerala Life Mission Beneficiaries List / Priority Order / Survey Status / House Progress Report at | Free Housing Scheme for Home-Less People

Kerala Life Mission

Kerala govt. has started Life Mission to provide affordable houses absolutely free for home-less people. Under Kerala Life Mission, the state govt. will construct 500 sq. ft houses at a cost of Rs. 4 lakh each. Accordingly, Life Housing Scheme is the twisted form of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and is the flagship scheme of Communist govt. In this article, we will tell you about the Kerala Life Mission Beneficiaries List / Priority Order / Survey Status / House Progress Report.

Kerala Life Mission aims to provide housing facilities to all landless / houseless people in the next five years. It intends to implement a complete security plan for the provision of housing to perform and provide a safe, decent houses for the benefit of all social processes and social welfare plans.

Accommodation will be provided by combining livelihoods and services to support livelihoods, as well as facilities for children’s education and special training, self-employment training, geriatric care, self-medication, savings and credit facilities.

What is Kerala Life Mission (Housing Scheme)

LIFE stands for Livelihood inclusion and and Financial Inclusion. The objective of the Comprehensive Housing Scheme is to provide safe and decent housing for all landless and homeless people in Kerala within the next five years to enable them to self-employ and earn a living, to participate decently in social processes and to benefit from all social welfare schemes, including financial services. 

Beneficiaries of the scheme are landless homeless, landless homeless, unfinished / uninhabited housing, outlying, coastal or plantation area temporary residents. The scheme will be implemented in conjunction with the housing schemes being implemented by various departments. Accordingly, govt. will invite online application forms for this Housing Scheme through the official website

Kerala Life Mission Beneficiaries

Here we are mentioning who are beneficiaries of scheme, procedure for finding beneficiaries, priority order for Kerala Life Mission Beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries of the scheme

Procedure for finding beneficiaries

  1. Based on the Socio-Economic Caste Survey conducted by the Central Government in 2011
  2. Beneficiaries will be determined by conducting a direct survey of those found to be homeless in this survey.
  3. Kudumbasree will be in charge of the survey. This should be done using the organizational structure of Kudumbasree
  4. If the Kudumbasree system is not strong in the tribal areas, Scheduled Tribe promoters will be used. 
  5. The SECC information held by the Local Self Government Institutions, the list of homeless persons prepared by the Local Self Government Institutions for various schemes and the list prepared by the PMAY in the cities should be forwarded to Kudumbasree for verification. Trained Kudumbasree workers should meet the beneficiaries in person and record the actual details and forward the information prepared in such a manner to the Secretary, Local Self Government Institution.
  6. Field level officials (VEO, JHI, etc.) will be responsible for overseeing the survey. They have to cross-check all the survey information and make sure that those who are not eligible are not on the list. 
  7. Survey information obtained in this way should be incorporated into a computer-based database. This information is not accessible to the public. Kudumbasree and the Rural Development Commissioner will be responsible for this
  8. Copies of the survey information will be published on the website and at the panchayat / village office level for receipt of objections.
  9. There will be a mechanism at the panchayat level to receive objections. The complaint will be examined directly by the field level officials and will be heard directly if necessary.
  10. There will be facilities to include those who have left.
  11. The District Mission will be responsible for codifying and publishing the list received from the local bodies.
  12. The list of beneficiaries prepared after hearing such objections will be published at the panchayat / district level.
  13. Those who have objections in this can file objections to the district level committee. The RDO / Sub Collector and the Assistant Collector will review it and finalize the list. (Second Appeal)
  14. The survey process should be completed before February 15 and the first list should be published on the same day. The final list will be published before March 31.
  15. Kudumbasree will be responsible for the survey and data entry. Jilla missions will be fully responsible for hearing objections and finalizing the list.
  16. The list of new additions and omissions at each stage will be published separately. Reasons for omission and addition must be documented.

Priority order

Life Mission Kerala Survey

LIFE mission of Government of Kerala is aimed at providing house to all houseless families in the state. The mission envisages award of financial assistance (3.5 lakhs for General, 4.0 lakhs for SC/Fishermen and actual cost for ST families) to those houseless families who are in possession of land. For those who are landless (and houseless) mission will construct flats/ apartments and will handover keys to the beneficiaries. LIFE mission is special and different as it aims not only to provide houses, but also envisages providing sustainable livelihood for the families by providing skill training.

Kudumbashree has been entrusted with conduct of survey for LIFE mission to identify beneficiaries. The survey has been completed; and the super check of the surveyed data by officials of Panchayat department are also over. Once the data (draft list of beneficiaries) is published, the total number of houseless/ landless will be known in each panchayat. There are opportunities for those whose names are not included. They can give appeal to the secretaries of respective panchayats. If eligible, they will be included in the final list.

Status of Life Mission Survey (District Wise)

The following table shows status of LIFE mission survey district wise as on 06/06/2017 (survey and verification by officials is completed in all panchayats; and 99.90% data entry is over)

DistrictTotal No. of landless families included in the surveyTotal No. of houseless families included in the survey
District Wise Life Mission Survey Status

Kerala Life Mission / Housing Scheme – Government Orders

Kerala Life Mission Government Orders can now be checked using the link –

Life Mission Kerala – House Progress Report

Kerala Life Mission Progress Report can be checked using the link –

Kerala Life Mission Focus Areas

LIFE Mission Kerala focus on the 4 major thrust areas which are as follows:-

After the completion of first phase, Kerala govt. had started procuring land and house construction for remaining 3 lakh homeless people. Life Mission is the Flagship Scheme of Kerala govt. after Literacy Campaign and People’s plan Campaign which turns out into successful people’s movement.


For more details on LIFE Project Kerala, please visit official website –

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