WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration 2023 / Login at karmabhumi.nltr.org | State Work Force Tracker

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal registration 2023 & login at karmabhumi.nltr.org, Karmabhumi Prakalpa online apply, check vacancies / jobs list at karmobhumi portal, fill Karma Bhumi internship application form

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration 2023 / Login at karmabhumi.nltr.org | State Work Force Tracker

WB Karma Bhumi Portal Registration Online

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration 2023 / Login at karmabhumi.nltr.otg. Department of Information Technology & Electronics, West Bengal government has launched WB Karmo Bhumi Portal at karmabhumi.nltr.org. WB Karma Bhumi Portal online registration / application form is now available at the official website. This WB Karma Bhumi State Workforce Tracker is for skilled ITeS / IT professionals who are looking for jobs post COVID-19. All those people who have returned to West Bengal (janmabhoomi) from their work place (karma bhoomi) can now apply online and seek employment opportunities in the state itself.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee informed that on behalf on GoWB, West Bengal govt. starts Karmo Bhumi web portal for IT professionals, returned and looking for job change due to Coronavirus. People can connect now to IT companies of West Bengal through the official website as it will act as a medium between the professionals and IT companies in Bengal. Now lets check the complete process of making WB Karma Bhumi Portal registration by filling the online application form.

WB Karmabhumi Portal Registration 2023 & Login

Below is the complete process to make WB Karmo Bhumi Portal online registration and Login:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official State Workforce Tracker (Karma Bhumi) Portal at https://karmabhumi.nltr.org/

STEP 2: At the homepage, scroll over the “Login / Register” tab and click at “As Applicant” link present in the main menu:-

Karmo Bhumi Prakalpa Portal Registration Login

STEP 3: Candidates can even click the direct link – https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/applicant link to open the WB Karmabhumi Portal Login page as shown below:-

West Bengal Karmabhumi Portal Login

STEP 4: All those already registered candidates can simply enter their mobile number and click at “Verify” button for WB Karma Bhumi Portal login. In case the candidates are not registered, then click at the “Register Now” button.

West Bengal Karmabhumi Portal Registration

STEP 5: Afterwards, applicants can select the skill and click at “I Accept” tab. Next candidates can enter their mobile number and click at “Generate OTP” button to open the WB Karmabhumi Prakalpa online apply form:-

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WB Karmabhumi Prakalpa Online Apply

STEP 6: Next candidates can enter the OTP received on the mobile number entered and then click at “Verify and Proceed” button to open the WB Karmobhumi Prakalpa online registration form 2023:-

WB Karmobhumi Prakalpa Online Registration Form

STEP 7: Enter the working experience and click at the “Proceed” button to open the basic information WB Karma Bhumi Prakalpa online application form.

Karma Bhumi Prakalpa Online Application Form

STEP 8: Fill in all the details and hit at the “Submit” button to complete Karmabhumi portal apply online process. Upon completion of West Bengal Karma Bhumi online application / registration process, a thanks message will appear as shown below:-

Thanks Interest West Bengal Karma Bhumi

The state govt. of West Bengal does not have the count of number of IT professionals as those have returned didn’t register separately. The success of WB Karmo Bhumi Portal is evident as people are showing great interest in Karma Bhumi Prakalpa Scheme after CM tweeted in this connection.

Insta Jobs at West Bengal Karma Bhumi Portal

Here we will describe that how a candidate can search Insta jobs at the West Bengal Karma Bhumi Portal, check details here:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Insta Jobs” link present in main menu or directly click https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/insta-job

Karmobhumi NLTR Portal Insta Jobs

STEP 3: Then click at the “Looking for a Job” tab to open the job finding page at WB Karma Bhumi Portal as shown below:-

Karma Bhumi NLTR Portal Find Job Page

STEP 4: Then search insta jobs using skill / technology to open the complete list of jobs at WB Karmabhumi Prakalpa Portal:-

Karmabhumi Prakalpa Portal List Jobs

STEP 5: Candidates can apply for any of these jobs as listed in the section at the WB Karma Bhumi Prakalpa Yojana portal.

WB Karmo Bhumi Prakalpa Yojana Details

Karmo Bhumi was launched as State Skill Registry for IT/ITeS professionals on 9th June 2020 by the Honorable Chief Minister, Govt. of West Bengal as a platform for capturing the skills of IT/ITeS professionals of provide opportunities for skill assessment and upskilling of Job Seekers through certification courses and facilitate them in connecting them with potential employers.

To take the Karmo Bhumi initiative forward, DoIT&E has conceptualized a number of far-reaching steps to be carried out in an integrated manner for enhancing employability of the registered skilled-resources and attracting corporate houses owing to depth and versatility of knowledge available with Karmobhumi in the fields of emerging technology.

In order to ensure credibility of the skills claimed by the professionals, DoIT&E, in consultation with various professional bodies, has planned to implement Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for these professionals, which would assess and certify the skill with competency level (Basic/ Intermediate/ Advanced). Also, there would be appropriate mechanism for facilitating counseling, pre-screening, re-skilling, and up-skilling of the professionals followed by certification, to bolster their employability in the industry.

Vacancies at WB Karmo Bhumi NLTR Org Portal

To find list of vacancies at the WB Karmo Bhumi NLTR Org portal, firstly visit the same official website at https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/. Then on the homepage, click at the “Vacancies” tab present in the main menu or directly click at https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/vacancy link. Then the WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Vacancies finding page will appear as shown below:-

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Vacancies

Here click at the “Looking for a vacancy” tab to open the find a vacancy page at WB Karmobhumi NLTR Org Portal.

WB Karma Bhumi Portal Find Vacancy Page

Then search vacancies using skill and technology and hit at search button to open the WB Karmabhumi Prakalpa Yojana Vacancy List:-

Karmabhumi Prakalpa Portal List Vacancies

Candidates can apply for any of these jobs as listed in the section at the WB Karma Bhumi Prakalpa Yojana portal.

Success of WB Karmobhumi Prakalpa Portal

Besides a huge number of applicants registered and a healthy number of employers from governmental and non-governmental sectors the portal is open for

(A) Job-On-Offer: Job requisition placed by employers (company, individual etc) – small job, odd job, repetitive job, customization job, support job, etc. which when will be exposed to applicants based on skill-profile match and

(B) Product/Service-On-Offer: Job, Code, Application repository which will then be exposed to the public for choosing and selecting. This would help in a transparent and expeditated selection of required skills/ applications/ codes, serving the needs of the IT/ITeS industry.

A Module facilitating Internship opportunities for freshers and students alike in IT/ITeS domain, is also being added to the portal.

Internship at Karmabhumi Prakalpa Portal – Register as Institution

The direct link for internship at the WB Karmabhumi Prakalpa Portal and to register as institution is given here – https://karmobhumi.nltr.org/internship

Karmo Bhumi is also planning to provide up-skilling opportunities through “KarmoBhumi Diksha“. Through this initiative, applicants of Karmo Bhumi having prior knowledge in a particular field or domain (e.g., advanced excel, python, etc.) would be trained by professionals to upgrade their skills, and subsequently, the trained personnel would be given the opportunity to up-skill more candidates in the particular domain. Moreover Karmo Bhumi will have inter-accessibility with “Employment Bank” and PBSSD vocational training in near future.

Source / Reference Link: https://karmabhumi.nltr.org/
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