e Shram Card Portal Registration / Login at eshram.gov.in

e Shram Portal online registration form at eshram.gov.in or apply through CSC, make login at national database for unorganised sector workers (NDUW), construction labourers, unorganized workers / migrant workforce, street vendors, domestic workers make registration at e-Shram website

e Shram Card Portal Registration / Login at eshram.gov.in

e Shram Portal National Database Unorganised Workers

e Shram Card Registration starts at eshram.gov.in, register online or through CSC and make login at National Database for Unorganised Workers (NDUW) official website: Central government has launched e SHRAM portal to maintain a database of workers in the country’s unorganised sector. The workers will be able to register themselves on the e-Shram Portal. Central govt. aims to register 42 crore unorganised workers including construction labourers, migrant workforce, street vendors and domestic workers among others. In this article, we will tell you about how to make e-Shram Portal registration through online mode or CSC and login.

e-Shram Card Online Registration Form for Unorganized Workers

Below is the complete procedure to make e-Shram Portal registration through online mode:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at https://eshram.gov.in/

e-Shram Gov In Portal

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Register on e-Shram” link or directly click https://register.eshram.gov.in/#/user/self

STEP 3: Then the page to make online e-Shram Portal registration will open as shown below:-

e Shram Portal Registration Online

STEP 4: All the unorganized workers can enter their aadhaar linked mobile number, captcha and click at “Send OTP” button. Enter the OTP received on mobile number and then the page to make e-Shram portal registration with aadhar number will open as shown below:-

Unorganized Workers Registration Aadhar Number

STEP 5: Enter aadhaar number, agree to terms and conditions and click at “Submit” button to open the Unorganised sector workers registration form at eshram portal.

Unorganised Sector Workers Registration Form eshram Portal

Information Required for e Shram Portal Online Registration

e-Shram Card Registration through CSC’s

Below is the complete procedure to make e-Shram Portal registration through offline mode at Common Service Centres (CSC’s):-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at https://eshram.gov.in/

e-Shram Gov In Portal

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Register on e-Shram” link or directly click https://register.eshram.gov.in/#/user/self

STEP 3: Then a new page containing the link of unorganised workers “Registration through CSC (Digital Seva)” will appear as shown below:-

eshram Registration CSC Digital Seva

STEP 4: Upon clicking the link, the page to make e-Shram Portal registration for unorganised sector workers through Common Service Centers will appear as shown below:-

e-shram Unorganised Workers Registration CSC

STEP 5: Then VLE will make Login and fillup the registration form for unorganised sector workers.

Locate nearby CSC through the link – https://findmycsc.nic.in/csc/

e Shram Portal for Unorganised Sector Workers Database

Union Labour Minister Bhupender Yadav on 26 August 2021 has launched e-Shram Portal at https://www.eshram.gov.in/. This portal will maintain a database of workers in the country’s unorganised sector. Labour minister unveiled the logo of the E-SHRAM portal and mentioned that it will be the national database of “our nation builders, our Shram Yogis” along with taking welfare schemes to doorstep of workers.

Objectives of e Shram Portal

Targeted delivery and last mile delivery, has been a major focus of the schemes of central government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The National Database of Unorganised workers in the form of E-Shram portal is another key step towards targeted delivery and last mile delivery.

Salient Features of e Shram Card Portal

Here are the salient features and highlights of the e Shram Portal, here is all you need to know about the portal:-

For more details, visit the official website at https://eshram.gov.in/

Earlier UWIN Card Merged with e-Shram Card

Earlier Labour Ministry of Central government was issuing UWIN Card to labourers in Informal Sector. In this UWIN Card initiative, govt. make registration of around 42 crore unorganized sector workers. Accordingly, people working as informal labour were given Unorganized Worker Index Number Cards to enable them to avail the benefits of social security schemes run by EPFO and ESIC. This initiative now gets merged with e-Shram initiative.

UWIN Card Online Registration 2024 Process Changed

UWIN Card online registrations will now be done through e-Shram portal and UWIN portal will be discontinued. Unorganised Workers Identification Number or UWIN Card contains a unique number to be issued as the identity proof to unorganised workers in India. The unorganised workers Identification Number is a number provided to the large section of unorganised sector workers by issuing a unique ID and allotting an Aadhaar seeded identification number without issuing any smart cards. 

In 2014 the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment had decided to design and develop the unorganised workers’ Identification Number (UWIN) platform under the unorganised workers Social Security Act 2008. It had been mandated for every unorganised sector worker to get themselves registered at the UWIN platform. But now UWIN portal stands closed and any unorganised sector worker who wish to get unique ID will have to get themselves registered at eshram.gov.in portal.

Beneficiaries of Unorganised Workers Identification Number (UWIN) Card

The Indian labour force is divided into formal and informal sector. There are around 47.41 crore labourers in combined formal and informal sectors. Out of which, 82.7% of the labour force lie under the unorganised sector and 17.3% lie under the organized sector as per the NSSO survey 2011-12. Around 42 crore unorganised sector workers will be the beneficiaries of UWIN card.

Social Security Benefits to Unorganised Workers

To provide the social security benefits the Government of India had enacted the unorganised workers Social Security Act in 2008, to create a right-based legal framework for providing the social security framework to the least benefited unorganised sector workers. Under this act the provision of UWIN card is made to provide these workers with all the social security benefits. At present there is no centralized database that shows the number of unorganised workers in India. UWIN will help to build the national unorganised worker’s database. For this purpose, registration for Unorganised Workers begins at eshram.gov.in website.

As per the expectation of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the national database of unorganised workers shall cover 675 districts in 28 states and 8 union territories. This data would be useful for other ministries to provide benefits to the workers under the social security schemes. UWIN cards will bring the unorganized sector workers under social security net. Accordingly labourers will get access to various schemes of Employee Provident Fund Organization (retirement fund body) and Employee State Insurance Corporation (state health insurer).

Objectives of UWIN Card Initiative

Here are the major objectives of the UWIN Card Initiative to provide identification number to unorganized sector workers:-

SECC 2011 Data as Base Database for UWIN Card Initiative

For the UWIN Card, Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 (SECC) shall be used as a base database. SECC-2011 is a study of socio-economic status of rural and urban households and allows ranking of households based on predefined parameters. SECC data is a compilation of 24 lakhs enumeration blocks where each enumeration block has roughly 125 households. These are the same enumeration blocks that were formed during census. The SECC 2011 data can be checked using the link – https://sarkariyojana.com/all-india-new-bpl-list-download-secc-2011-data/

SECC database captures Individual & Household Information ranging from Demographic details, Income, Employment and Ownership Profiles along with family linkages. The UWIN Database will use fields from the SECC database along with additional information provided by the unorganised worker during the registration and validation phase. Following data fields from SECC will be part of UWIN:-

  1. State Code
  2. District Code 
  3. Sub District Code
  4. Name of the person
  5. Permanent Address
  6. Gender
  7. Date of Birth
  8. Marital Status
  9. Name of Father
  10. Name of Mother
  11. Occupation / Activity
  12. Main Source of Income
  13. Disability

An Overview of UWIN Card for Informal Workers

Each UWIN Card has a unique number embedded on it which will get seeded with Aadhaar Number. This is essential in order to provide benefits of social security schemes at single point. Moreover after the registration process is complete, govt. may bring Labour Code on Social Security & welfare. UWIN Cards are efficient and the pilot phase results of this e-shram system are satisfactory.

However, primary issue remains that who will pay contribution to the informal workers under schemes of EPFO and ESIC. Under these schemes, employees and employers both contribute to social security scheme accounts. Accordingly, govt. plans to formulate a separate mechanism to collect funds as employers will not contribute for this scheme.

Central govt. wants to assign social security code to the informal labourers. This new code will resolve the issue of employer contribution. In addition to this, code also facilitate the worker to become a principal employer if worker is an informal or non-employee. This code will eliminate the need of principal employer to subscribe and avail benefits of social security schemes.

Furthermore, code on Social Security & Welfare would merge all 15 existing social security laws. This will include EPF & MP Act, ESI Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Employees Compensation Act, Unorganized Social Security Act and several other Welfare Cess or Fund Acts.

For complete details, click the link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unorganised_Workers%27_Identification_Number

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