Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal Registration 2024 / Login at dillikiyogshala.com

Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal registration 2024 & login at dillikiyogshala.com, group coordinators apply online by filling application form, check eligibility to start yoga classes in your location, complete details here
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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched Dilli Ki Yogshala initiative on 13 December 2021 at an event organised by Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU). Accordingly, Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal registration 2024 and login process starts at dillikiyogshala.com. Delhi Ki Yog Shala initiative aims to provide free yoga services under the guidance of trained teachers. Under this initiative, city residents above 25 years of age can avail yoga services without any cost.

Dilli Ki Yogshala initiative would be implementation across the entire Delhi from January 2022. In this article, we will tell you the complete process of how to make Dillikiyogshala Portal registration and login through online mode.

What is Dilli Ki Yogshala Initiative

Dilli Ki Yogshala is an initiative of the Government of the NCT of Delhi to make yoga reach door to door and to transform it into a mass movement by providing a certified yoga instructor to the public, free of cost. The aim is to highlight the importance of meditation and yoga in improving the physical and mental health of citizens. As an ancient practice, yoga has proven to be an effective means of improving the quality of one’s life. Through daily practice, one can inculcate mindfulness and be in greater harmony with their environment.

Trained Yoga Instructors for Delhi Citizens

The Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences (CMYS) was established by the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University. CMYS launched diploma and certificate courses and enrolled 650+ students for the same. These students were then trained and certified to be yoga instructors. These trained yoga instructors would now be accessible to the people of Delhi. For this purpose, you will have to follow some simple steps:-

Step 1: Arrange at least 25 group members.

Step 2: Provide a venue in your locality for yoga classes.

Step 3: Fill the form by the process mentioned in the section later.

Step 4: Coordinate with the government and arrange a free yoga instructor.

Step 5: Ensure regular attendance of the group members.

Conditions to Get Trained Yoga Instructor under Dillikiyogshala

Trained Yoga instructors would be provided by Delhi government absolutely free of cost to people on the basis of fulfillment of the following conditions:-

  • If you are a group of 25 people interested in learning yoga.
  • If you have a suitable venue for yoga classes.

Salient Features of Dilli Ki Yogshala Initiative

  • An integral component of Dilli Ki Yogshala initiative is to inculcate an enhanced sense of community within citizens.
  • Citizens will have the opportunity to collectively experience mindfulness by coming together and performing meditation and yoga.
  • Through Dilli Ki Yogshala initiative, govt. aspire to make zones of meditation and positive thinking, out of venues that are chosen by the people, for the people. To achieve this, certified instructors will be made available to all citizens.
  • Each group needs to have a minimum of 25 members from a neighbourhood.
  • The instructors will coordinate with a member of each group who shall be called “group coordinator”, to organise the classes. The group coordinator shall coordinate with the instructor and fix the time and venue (as deemed suitable by all participants) for the yoga classes.
  • The government is keen on highlighting the benefits of meditation and yoga for one’s physical and mental well-being. A shared sense of individual mindfulness will not only help our communities prosper, but also help them lead more meaningful lives.
  • In our fast paced daily lives, we forgot that meditation and yoga have been part of our society and community since time immemorial. Thus, the Delhi Government is proud to bring meditation and yoga back to the forefront of our community and society – where it rightfully belongs.

Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal Registration 2024 & Login

Below is the complete process to make Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal registration & login:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at https://dillikiyogshala.com/

Dillikiyogshala Com Portal Registration Login
Dillikiyogshala Com Portal Registration Login

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Register” link present in the main menu or directly click https://dillikiyogshala.com/home/register link.

STEP 3: Then the Dilli Ki Yogshala online registration form will open as shown below:-

Dilli Ki Yogshala Online Registration Form
Dilli Ki Yogshala Online Registration Form

STEP 4: In this form, all the details of the group coordinator must be entered and then Dilli Ki Yogshala application form is to be submitted.

STEP 5: Finally, applicants can make Login using the link – https://dillikiyogshala.com/home/login. The page to make login is shown below.

Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal Login
Dilli Ki Yogshala Portal Login

STEP 6: Here applicants can enter user name, password and then click at “Submit” button to make Dilli Ki Yogshala portal login.

Chief Minister Kejriwal has also launched a mobile phone number on which people can give a missed call and get the guidance of yoga teachers. The mobile number is 901358585. Interested people can also visit the dillikiyogshala.com website to get the service.

Launch of Dilli Ki Yogshala Initiative

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has launched Dilli Ki Yogshala initiative. Under this initiative,city residents (minimum group of 25) can give a missed call on the number 9013585858 to avail free services of a Yoga teacher provided by Delhi govt. This initiative will begin from Jan 2022. About eligibility criteria, CM mentioned that “There is no as such eligibility criteria to avail the benefit of the initiative. People in the age group of 25 and above can give a missed call on the given number and start learning yoga. All they are required to do is to identify a place like a park or a community hall to practice yoga.”

How will Dilli Ki Yogshala Initiative Work

The “Dilli Ki Yogshala” programme will begin from January 2022 with 400 teachers trained by the DPSRU and at least 20,000 people are expected to start practicing yoga under their supervision, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said, as reported by news agency PTI. The Delhi government has allocated Rs. 25 crore for the initiative in the 2021-22 budget. Kejriwal said that he hopes other states also adopt this initiative like other Delhi government programmes such as free water and electricity and mohalla clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Dilli Ki Yogshala:-

How to Request for Start Yoga Classes in Your Locality

Firstly, you need a group of at least 25 participants who are interested in taking the classes. From these participants, one person may be nominated to be the “Group Coordinator”, who then registers themselves on the website. They can register on dillikiyogshala.com website by entering details such as their name, contact number, address, etc. The venue for conducting the classes is nominated by the group coordinator during the registration process. After registration, an Instructor visits your area to register the group’s participants. They will also finalise the nominated venue and time-slots for conducting the classes.

Is there any fees to be paid for classes

No. The classes are being offered to the public completely free of cost.

Are there any age based restrictions to participate in classes

No. The yoga classes are designed to be inclusive of all age groups.

What will be the venue where yoga classes will take place

The venue will be nominated by the participants. The group coordinator will fill in the nominated venue during the registration process on the website. It will be finalised after an inspection by the instructor.

What will be the timing for Yoga classes

The classes will be held six days a week, as per the timings discussed between the group coordinator and instructor.

Who will teach yoga

Classes will be conducted by certified yoga Instructors enrolled at the Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences (CMYS), who hold a certificate/diploma from the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University (DPSRU). These instructors have undergone rigorous training and are proficient in yoga and meditative practices.

Will Covid Guidelines be followed at Venue

Yes, COVID guidelines will be followed and all social distancing protocols will be maintained at the venue.

Will Yoga Mats / Materials be Provided

No yoga mats/materials will be provided. All members are requested to bring their own mats to the venue.

Will people are required to wear any specific type of clothing

There are no specific requirements. You are expected to wear comfortable clothes which do not restrict your movement.

When will the Yoga Sessions begin

You will be duly notified and sent relevant details via text message and WhatsApp.

If unable to register online, what should I do

You may contact at +91 11 7186 0647 or send an email to [email protected]

How can any person provide feedback

You may provide feedback about the sessions through the link – dillikiyogshala.com/contact. For complaints, you may contact at [email protected].

Will Attendance of People be marked

Attendance is required for ensuring the group members’ participation in the sessions. Weekly updates regarding the attendance will be sent to all.

What if number of people attending classes is short, i.e less than 25

If the number of people attending classes is consistently under 25 for a week, then classes will be suspended until the criteria are met.

What will be the duration of Dillikiyogshala class

The classes will be one hour long, held six days a week.

For more details, visit the official website at https://dillikiyogshala.com/

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