Delhi Free Wi-Fi Scheme App Download – 15 GB Data / Month by Hotspot at Public Places

दिल्ली मुफ्त वाई फाई योजना

Delhi govt. Free Wi-Fi Scheme 2024 at public places, 15 GB data p.m at 200 mbps speed, Delhi free wifi scheme app download from google play store, make registration / login by entering username and password to connect / activate Wifi

Delhi Free Wi-Fi Scheme App Download – 15 GB Data / Month by Hotspot at Public Places

Delhi Free Wi-Fi Scheme Details

दिल्ली मुफ्त वाई फाई योजना मंजूर, अब सार्वजानिक स्थानों पर सभी लोग कर सकेंगे फ्री वाई फाई सविधा का उपयोग, हर व्यक्ति को एक महीने में मिलेगा 15 जीबी इंटरनेट

Delhi Free Wifi Scheme 2024: Delhi government has started Free Wi-Fi Scheme at public places in the national capital. It is the largest Free Wifi project running anywhere in the world. The work on setting up 11,000 hotspots across Delhi is in progress. Earlier on 16 December 2019, around 100 hotspots were inaugurated to mark official launching the Delhi government’s free WiFi scheme. The state govt. has also started Delhi Free Wifi Scheme App download facility to connect to the wi-fi network.

The state govt. of Delhi is soon going to fulfill its commitment to provide free wi-fi services to people at public places. All the Delhiites will get free 15 GB data per month through a hotspot network across the city. This is one of the promises made by the AAP party ahead of the 2020 assembly elections.

Delhi govt. is working on a project to create more than 11,000 hotspots across the city. All the users within the radius of 100 metres are going to access internet absolutely free of cost. Each user will get 15 GB data monthly (1.5 GB / day) at a speed of 100 to 150 mbps with maximum 200 mbps under Delhi Free Wifi Scheme 2024. For connecting with wifi, each person will have to make registration and subsequent login by entering Free Wifi Scheme username and password.

CM Free Wifi Scheme 2024 in Delhi

The Delhi cabinet approved the continuation of the free Wi-Fi scheme in the city. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has so far set up Wi-Fi hotspots at 10,561 places in the national capital. Delhi is the first city in the world where the government has provided free WiFi for the entire city.

Free Wi-fi Scheme Delhi Budget 2022-23

Delhi Cabinet on CM Free Wi-Fi Scheme

Recently, Delhi cabinet approved a proposal to implement free Wi-Fi scheme for providing quality internet services to the citizens of Delhi after a successful implementation in the first year. “The Kejriwal government has so far set up hotspots at 10,561 places in the capital. Delhi is the first city in the world where the government has provided free Wi-Fi facility for the entire city,” the statement said. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had launched the free Wi-Fi scheme from the ITO bus stop in December 2019.

The government had fixed a target of setting up 11,000 hotspots to provide free Wi-Fi across Delhi. So far, the hotspots have been installed at 10,561 places. “Out of these, 2,208 hotspots have been installed at bus stops, while 8,353 have been installed at other places. People are getting free Wi-Fi facility every 500 metres. Now, more than 21 lakh people can avail the free Wi-Fi facility simultaneously,” the statement said.

According to officials, under the scheme, every person will be given 15 GB of data every month for free. Maximum 1.5 GB data will be given per day for free. “Each hotspot has a radius of 100 metres. On an average, Wi-Fi at the speed of 100 to 200 Mbps is being provided,” the statement said. Delhi government is committed to provide free Wi-Fi facility to the public. The work of installation of 10561 hot-spots has been completed and activated to give free Wi-Fi access to citizens.

Delhi Free Wifi Scheme App Download

The state govt. has also launched Delhi Free Wifi App can be downloaded through which users can upload their KYC (know your customer) details. An OTP will be received to activate the Wi-Fi connection.

In the initial stage, govt. proposed to setup hotspots at bus queue shelters, markets, residential colonies and other places with each constituency getting 100. The first 100 hotspots were set up at Kashmere Gate Metro station and ISBT, ITO bus stand, Mandi House bus stand, Delhi Secretariat, Indraprashtha Metro station, and Adarsh Nagar (18), Badali (19), Moti Nagar (10), Seemapuri (16) and Shahdara (18) assembly constituencies. The switch over from one hotspot to other is automatic.

Delhi Free Wi-Fi Scheme Implementation

After the inauguration of the first batch of 100 hotspots on 16 December 2019, hotspots are set up every week. Several users can access internet concurrently at each hotspot. The state govt. will learn from its experience of 1st phase of Free Wi-Fi Scheme and will create more hotspots (if necessary) in subsequent phases.

Delhi Free Wifi Scheme 2024 is running on OpEx (operating expense) service model. The complete capital investment in setting up the infrastructure would be made by the vendor. The state government will bear the operating cost of approx. Rs. 100 crore per annum. The Wi-Fi scheme is based on a rent model and the government will pay monthly rental for each hotspot to a company handling the project.

Safety Measures to Prevent Misuse of Free Wi-Fi Facility

In order to check the misuse of Free Wi-Fi facility, CM said that the state govt. will ensure that adequate safety measures will be taken. Although most mobile phone users have internet access on their phones, youths are still asking questions on when they will start getting free Wi-Fi facility. So, the govt. is working hard to speed up the project.

Delhi Free Wifi Scheme Public Places

The Wi-Fi hotspots are also going to be connected with the CCTV cameras being installed across the city. The response of general public regarding cameras is overwhelming positive. However, the BJP party has termed the announcement of providing free Wi-Fi and installation of additional CCTV cameras in 2nd phase as a mere gimmick.

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