Unique Book Banks Scheme in Punjab to be launched Soon

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Book Bank Scheme is an initiative of Punjab government to help the needy students who are not able to afford books for their academic studies. The state government will soon launch such a scheme under which the needy students will be provided books free of cost for their studies.

The plan has been formulated to set up unique book banks at all the schools across the state. These book banks will re-use the books of older students/passed out students.

These book banks will request students to deposit their old books so that they can be used by the needy students in the next batch free of cost.

Along with saving money, the Book Bank Scheme will also reduce the costs of printing new books which is damaging the environment. Every year, students purchases new books which uses a huge amount of paper to print them. The scheme will help in improving the environment and also save the money of needy people.

Book Bank Scheme would be optional that means the scheme will not force the students to participate in the scheme by giving their used books. However, the NGOs that have been running such kind of schemes will contribute in the implementation process of the scheme.


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