UJALA LED Bulb Scheme Launched in Jammu and Kashmir

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UJALA, a central government scheme for distribution of LED bulbs at subsidized rates has been launched in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The scheme launch was marked by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday by distributing the LED bulbs among the people.

Under the UJALA scheme in J&K, consumers can purchase upto 5 LED bulbs at a rate of Rs. 20 each bulb by showing their electricity bill or the identity cards. If the consumers want to purchase more than 5 bulbs, charges will be Rs. 95 per bulb.

The scheme is expected to bring the electricity bill down for the consumers and saves the electricity for the state & for the nation as well.

At present, there are about 80 Lakh inefficient bulbs in the state, if all replaced with the LED bulbs, it will save a lot of energy. The power consumption of an LED bulb is just about one tenth of the normal yellow bulb.

7 and 9 watt bulbs are being distributed under the UJALA scheme across the nation.

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4 thoughts on “UJALA LED Bulb Scheme Launched in Jammu and Kashmir”

  1. anyone can buy ledbulbs @ 20 Rs on electricitybill once only and Rs 60 per bulb without electricity bill fromany khidmat center or csc .

  2. Hi, team , pl tell me new electric connection issued on March 2016. LED is not issued by khidimat center Dharap, jamu what is problem.pl pass the order to concern khidimat center to issue the LEd to new users.


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