Ujala Gujarat Yojana LED Bulb Prices Reduced

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Gujarat Government has reduced the prices of LED bulbs being distributed under the Ujala Gujarat Yojana. The prices of the LED bulbs have been reduced by Rs. 10. The LED bulbs under the Ujala Yojana will be available at Rs. 70-75 instead of Rs. 80-85.

The reduced prices will be effective from Monday onward. At present the consumers are being charged Rs. 80 per LED bulb if they buy it in cash or Rs. 85 if buying through installments.

Launched on 26th May 2016, Ujala Gujarat Yojana has seen a great response from the consumers. The state government has already sold 63 Lakh LED bulbs within a month.

Seeing the tremendous success of the scheme, the government has decided to reduce the price of the LED bulb by Rs. 10. However, LED bulbs at reduced prices will be available only to the households not to the commercial/industrial consumers.

Under the scheme, each household is eligible to purchase a maximum of 10 LED bulbs.

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4 thoughts on “Ujala Gujarat Yojana LED Bulb Prices Reduced”

  1. I am stayed at West Bengal, kolkata. but till now we are not getting the facility of LED Ujala West Bengal PM Yojana LED Bulb .

    Please advice how to get the LED Bulb..


  2. We have purchased 10 LED bulb from MGVCL Subhanpura baroda on cash payment of Rs. 800. Now as goverment has reduced price and declared that already purchaded customer will get refund in elecricity bill. But we are not getting refund of Rs. 100 and MGVCL is not responding for that. Govt is only announced but not ready to refund money.

  3. please sir pm ujjavla yojana bpl list gujarat stet and ahmedabad dist.sanand tahsil and village, motidevti


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