Tele-Law – Free Legal Consultation at 1000 CSC’s in Bihar & Uttar Pradesh

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The central government has started Tele-Law facility to provide free legal consultation across 1000 common service centers across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The initiative has been started on pilot basis and will be expanded in phased manner after understanding the challenges and making the necessary corrections. See List of All Services provided by CSC in India

Objective of Tele-Law Scheme

Tele-Law scheme is aimed at making legal aid easily accessible to the marginalized communities and citizens living in rural areas. The scheme would provide free legal consultation to such people through 500 common service centers each in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

One of the main objective of the scheme is to ensure access to justice and empowerment of the poor. There are about 2.5 Lakh common service centers across the country which are capable of providing internet based government services to citizens.

Implementation of Tele-Law

The scheme would be implemented by the Ministry of Law and Justice which has partnered with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to provide legal consultations through CSC’s at panchayat level. Legal advice would be provided to the individual seekers through video conferencing by the lawyers.

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Under the Tele-Law scheme, free of cost legal consultation would be provided to individual seeker. The government would soon also launch Tele-Law portal to provide complete information about the initiative. The portal would be accessible across the CSC network.

A panel of lawyers who would be available to provide free legal advice through video conferencing would be provided by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). The government may later connect law school clinics, District Legal Service Authorities, voluntary service providers and Non-Government Organisations working on legal aid and empowerment to the CSC’s to strengthen the initiative.

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