Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Category List (21) of Persons With Disabilities

Telangana govt include 14 new categories of specially abled people in Aasara Pension Scheme, check 21 aasra pensions category list for disabled
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Telangana govt. has brought 14 more categories of specially abled people under Aasara Pension Scheme. Previously, the Aasra Pension Scheme beneficiary list included only 7 categories of persons with disabilities (PWDs). Here you can check the complete Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Category List (21) of disabled people. More than 4.9 lakh disabled people are already benefiting from the Telangana Aasara Pensions Scheme.

All the beneficiaries gets pension of Rs. 3,016 per month under Aasara Pension Scheme. The state govt. has constituted medical boards to examine and issue disability certificates based on parameters and symptoms prescribed under Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. Although the center had included 14 new categories in Right of PWD Act 2016, framing of guidelines took a lot of time.

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme provides pensions to old people, widows, Goud community, elephantiasis patients, AIDS afflicted people, physically disabled and beedi workers.

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Disability Category List

The complete category list (21) of specially abled people included in the Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme is given below:-

BlindnessLow VisionPersons Cured of Leprosy
Hearing ImpairedLocomotor DisabilityDwarfism
IntellectualMental IllnessAutism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral PalsyMuscular DystrophyChronic Neurological Conditions
Specific Learning DisabilitiesMultiple SclerosisSpeech & Language Disability
ThalassemiaHaemophiliaSickle Cell Disease
Multiple Disabilities including Deaf BlindnessAcid Attack VictimsParkinson’s Disease

As per the central govt. guidelines, some of these 14 new categories of specially abled people are eligible for reservations in employment and education.

Moreover, some people coming under these new categories for persons with disabilities are eligible for pre and post matric scholarships, marriage incentives, social security pensions and economic rehabilitation.

CM KCR has not reduced the amount allocation for welfare schemes. He has allocated Rs. 9,402 crore for Aasara pensions in Telangana Budget 2019-20.

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