Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 Data | TN Socio Economic Status of Fisherfolk

Tamil Nadu to conduct Marine Fishermen Census 2020 data survey in March, TN socio economic status of fisherfolk to be assessed in Tamilnadu
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Tamil Nadu government is going to start TN Marine Fishermen Census in the month of March 2020. The state govt. of Tamilnadu conducts census on fishermen community in every 10 years i.e it is a decennial exercise. TN govt. will also undertake first of its kind study on the socio economic status of marine fisherfolk in the state. The Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 data will be collected for a duration of 6 months.

Along with the Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020, a study would be carried out to identify marine fishing villages. In this study, there would be complete information about population dependent on marine fisheries resources and their occupational structure.

The fishermen census will enable the Tamilnadu government to evolve schemes benefiting the marine fishermen community.

TN Marine Fishermen Census 2020 Data

As per the TN Marine Fishermen Census 2010, the total population of fishermen community was 7.87 lakh. As per conventional estimate, the total population of fishermen may have risen to around 10.25 lakh. Department of Fisheries has already begun the administrative process to start the Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 and collect data. The six month long statistical drive will cover details which are mentioned below:-

  • Age
  • Literacy
  • Occupation
  • Fishing Craft such as mechanised fishing boat / non-motorised / motorized vehicles
  • Fishing Gears

Through the Tamilnadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020, the state govt. will be able to frame schemes for the betterment of this community.

Reason for Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 Data

Tamil Nadu comes at the 4th place in total marine fish production in the entire Indian nation. Around 6.75 lakh tonnes of fish was caught in the last fiscal year i.e FY 2019 which had generated foreign exchange revenue of 5,500 crore. The Tamilnadu state even offers financial aid of Rs. 5,000 to each family during the fishing ban period. The TN government has rolled out its plan to identify consultant to perform study on the socio economic status of fishermen. The main objective to collect Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 Data is to identify the latest status, impact of various government schemes and key areas of interventions for improvement of their living standards. The study will focus on the following issues:-

  1. Welfare Schemes implemented in the last 15 years.
  2. Measurement of improvement achieved through Tamil Nadu government schemes.
  3. Infrastructure facilities developed in the last 10 years along Tamil Nadu coast.
  4. Handling of catch
  5. Fish marketing
  6. Benefits enjoyed by the fishermen through infrastructure facilities developed by TN state govt. will be studied.

The Tamil Nadu Marine Fishermen Census 2020 Data will help in identifying areas which requires more attention to improve livelihood. Along with collection of demographic data, TN Fishermen Census will look into ownership and possession of fishing assets and implements, nature of fishing, disposal of catch, income and indebtedness. With 1076 km long coastline which covers 13 coastal districts, Tamil Nadu govt. has the 2nd longest coastline across the country.

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