Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities | Swacch Bharat Mission Urban (SBM-U)

Check Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities under Swachh Bharat Mission Urban (SBM-U), 6 cities rated 5 Star, 65 as 3 Star & 70 as 1 Star, complete list available
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Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) of Central government has announced the results of Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities. For the assessment year 2019-2020, a total of 6 cities have been rated 5 Star, 65 Cities as 3 Star and 70 Cities as 1 Star under Swachh Bharat Mission Urban (SBM-U). While announcing results on 19 May 2020, Hardeep Singh Puri also launched the revised protocol for the Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities.

It is different from Swachh Survekshan (SS) as it was only a ranking system and several of our cities, despite doing exceptionally well, were not being recognized appropriately. Star Rating Protocol for Garbage Free Cities is a comprehensive framework where each ward in every city must achieve a certain standard across 24 different components of solid waste management (SWM) and is graded based on overall marks received.

The Star Rating Protocol was launched by MoHUA on 20 January 2018 to institutionalize a mechanism for cities to achieve Garbage Free status. It also motivates the cities to achieve higher degree of cleanliness. SBM Urban has played an important role in achieving cleanliness and sanitation which provides benefits to Indians in their fight with COVID-19.

SBM Urban Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities

Here is the complete Star Rating List of Garbage Free Cities 2020 under Swachh Bharat Mission Urban:-

5 Star Cities
ULB NameStateFinal Rating
AmbikapurChhattisgarh5 Star
RajkotGujarat5 Star
SuratGujarat5 Star
MysoreKarnataka5 Star
IndoreMadhya Pradesh5 Star
Navi MumbaiMaharashtra5 Star
3 Star Cities
ULB NameStateFinal Rating
TirupatiAndhra Pradesh3 Star
VijayawadaAndhra Pradesh3 Star
ChandigarhChandigarh3 Star
Bhilai NagarChhattisgarh3 Star
Jashpur Nagar (M)Chhattisgarh3 Star
Narharpur (NP)Chhattisgarh3 Star
Patan (NP)Chhattisgarh3 Star
RaigarhChhattisgarh3 Star
RajnandgaonChhattisgarh3 Star
BilaspurChhattisgarh3 Star
Saragaon (NP)Chhattisgarh3 Star
Barsur (NP)Chhattisgarh3 Star
New Delhi (NDMC)Delhi3 Star
AhmedabadGujarat3 Star
BagasraGujarat3 Star
GandhinagarGujarat3 Star
JamnagarGujarat3 Star
TalalaGujarat3 Star
KarnalHaryana3 Star
JamshedpurJharkhand3 Star
BhopalMadhya Pradesh3 Star
BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh3 Star
ChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh3 Star
KanthaphodMadhya Pradesh3 Star
KatniMadhya Pradesh3 Star
KhargoneMadhya Pradesh3 Star
OmkareshwarMadhya Pradesh3 Star
PithampurMadhya Pradesh3 Star
SingrauliMadhya Pradesh3 Star
UjjainMadhya Pradesh3 Star
AmbarnathMaharashtra3 Star
Bhiwandi NizampurMaharashtra3 Star
BrahmapuriMaharashtra3 Star
Chandrapur_MMaharashtra3 Star
Deolali PravaraMaharashtra3 Star
DhuleMaharashtra3 Star
GadhinglajMaharashtra3 Star
IndapurMaharashtra3 Star
JalgaonMaharashtra3 Star
JalnaMaharashtra3 Star
JejuriMaharashtra3 Star
JunnarMaharashtra3 Star
KagalMaharashtra3 Star
KarhadMaharashtra3 Star
KhedMaharashtra3 Star
LonavalaMaharashtra3 Star
MahabaleshwarMaharashtra3 Star
Malkapur_SMaharashtra3 Star
MatheranMaharashtra3 Star
Mauda CTMaharashtra3 Star
Mira-BhayandarMaharashtra3 Star
MurgudMaharashtra3 Star
NarkhedMaharashtra3 Star
PanchganiMaharashtra3 Star
PanhalaMaharashtra3 Star
RajapurMaharashtra3 Star
RatnagiriMaharashtra3 Star
SasvadMaharashtra3 Star
ShirdiMaharashtra3 Star
TasgaonMaharashtra3 Star
ThaneMaharashtra3 Star
VadgaonMaharashtra3 Star
VengurlaMaharashtra3 Star
VitaMaharashtra3 Star
NawanshahrPunjab3 Star
1 Star Cities
ULB NameStateFinal Rating
ChiralaAndhra Pradesh1 Star
GVMC VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh1 Star
PalamaneruAndhra Pradesh1 Star
SattenapalliAndhra Pradesh1 Star
Baramkela (NP)Chhattisgarh1 Star
Berla (NP)Chhattisgarh1 Star
Chikhalakasa (NP)Chhattisgarh1 Star
Katghora (NP)Chhattisgarh1 Star
Pakhanjur (NP)Chhattisgarh1 Star
Delhi Cantt.Delhi1 Star
BhavnagarGujarat1 Star
TarsadiGujarat1 Star
VadodaraGujarat1 Star
VisavadarGujarat1 Star
VyaraGujarat1 Star
RohtakHaryana1 Star
BadnawarMadhya Pradesh1 Star
GwaliorMadhya Pradesh1 Star
HathodMadhya Pradesh1 Star
KhandwaMadhya Pradesh1 Star
MaheshwarMadhya Pradesh1 Star
SardarpurMadhya Pradesh1 Star
ShahganjMadhya Pradesh1 Star
AhmedanagarMaharashtra1 Star
AkolaMaharashtra1 Star
Anjangaon SurjiMaharashtra1 Star
Ashta_MHMaharashtra1 Star
BallarpurMaharashtra1 Star
BarshiMaharashtra1 Star
BhagurMaharashtra1 Star
DaundMaharashtra1 Star
GeoraiMaharashtra1 Star
JamnerMaharashtra1 Star
JawharMaharashtra1 Star
Kalyan DombivaliMaharashtra1 Star
Khanapur_MMaharashtra1 Star
KhapaMaharashtra1 Star
KhopoliMaharashtra1 Star
Kulgaon-BadlapurMaharashtra1 Star
KurundvadMaharashtra1 Star
MahadMaharashtra1 Star
MahadulaMaharashtra1 Star
Malkapur_KMaharashtra1 Star
MangalvedheMaharashtra1 Star
MurbadMaharashtra1 Star
NagbhidMaharashtra1 Star
NashikMaharashtra1 Star
PaithanMaharashtra1 Star
PanvelMaharashtra1 Star
PenMaharashtra1 Star
PhulambriMaharashtra1 Star
RajuraMaharashtra1 Star
RamtekMaharashtra1 Star
RaverMaharashtra1 Star
SailuMaharashtra1 Star
SangamnerMaharashtra1 Star
ShahadaMaharashtra1 Star
ShendurjanaghatMaharashtra1 Star
Shirpur- WarwadeMaharashtra1 Star
Uran IslampurMaharashtra1 Star
VaijapurMaharashtra1 Star
VarangaonMaharashtra1 Star
Vasai VirarMaharashtra1 Star
WadujMaharashtra1 Star
AligarhUttar Pradesh1 Star
Gajraula (NPP)Uttar Pradesh1 Star
GhaziabadUttar Pradesh1 Star
JhansiUttar Pradesh1 Star
LucknowUttar Pradesh1 Star
NoidaUttar Pradesh1 Star

The performance of cities under the Star Rating Protocol also carries significant weightage in final assessment in Swachh Survekshan.

Star Rating Protocol vs Swachh Survekshan

To ensure that the Star Rating Protocol has a SMART framework, govt. has developed a 3 stage assessment process:-

First Stage – Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) populate their progress data on the portal along with supporting documents within a particular time-frame.

Second Stage – It involves a desktop assessment by a third-party agency selected and appointed by MoHUA.

Central Government Schemes 2020केंद्र सरकारी योजना हिन्दीPopular Schemes in Central:Narendra Modi Schemes ListNREGA Job Card Listसरकारी योजनाओं की सूची हिंदी में

Third Stage – Claims of cities that clear the desktop assessment are then verified through independent field level observations.

Star Rating Protocol has been devised in a holistic manner including components such as cleanliness of drains & water bodies, plastic waste management, managing construction & demolition waste among others. These are critical to achieve garbage free cities. The main focus is on solid waste management (SWM) as it also takes care of ensuring certain minimum standards of sanitation through a set of pre-conditions defined in the framework. However, Swachh Survekshan is a broader concept and includes Star Rating Protocol as well.

The new Star Rating Protocol will consider ward-wise geo-mapping, monitoring of SWM value chain through ICT interventions like Swachh Nagar App and zone-wise rating in cities with population of 50 lakh+. Govt. vision is to ensure holistic and sustainable sanitation across urban India. It involves effective faecal sludge management through safe containment, transportation, disposal and processing along with 100% wastewater treatment in cities before discharging into water bodies and their maximum possible reuse.

The govt. also intend to achieve 100% scientific and resource efficient solid waste management (SWM) based on 3R and circular economy. The govt. is also focusing on bioremediation of all dumpsites, single use plastic free India and efficient construction and demolition waste management. This will pave the way for a “Swachh”, “Swasth”, “Shashakt” and “Sampann” AtmaNirbhar New India.

Content Source / Reference Link: SAVE AS PDF
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