SOHUM – a New Device to Detect Hearing Loss in Newborn Child Launched

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Department of science and technology has launched a new device named SOHUM to detect hearing loss in newborn. Sohum is a indigenous device that is developed by School of International Biodesign (SIB) startup M/s Sohum Innovation Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

It is a low cost unique device which uses brain-stem auditory evoked response, the gold standard in auditory testing to check for hearing response in a newborn. Globally, 8,00,000 hearing impaired babies are born annually of which nearly 1,00,000 are born in India. To prohibit all this, there is a need of early detecting device which can facilitate timely treatment and care of baby.

What is SOHUM Device

Sohum is a screening device to facilitate the routine and timely checkup of newborn babies with the potential to help children at a initial stage of their development.

Sohum Device
Sohum Device

Sohum is a self-sufficient and sustainable device that works towards solving one of the most common birth disorders – congenital hearing loss which is a result of both genetic and non-genetic factors. These factors are mostly associated with resources-poor country such as India where advanced and healthcare systems are available at very high cost and not affordable by everyone. To provide safe and timely caring services, India needs more investment on indigenous innovation in technology.

To view more detail about the SOHUM device visit on this link .


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