Shala Siddhi Prohatsan Yojana Implemented by Madhya Pradesh Govt.

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MP state government is implementing many schemes in education sector such as ‘Shala Siddhi Prohatsan Yojana’, ‘Hamari Shala Kaisi Ho’ and ‘Shala Siddhi Karyakram’ to improve the quality of education in schools. Under these schemes state govt. has fixed a time table for award process to perform well at district level.

The Shala Siddhi Prohatsan Yojana has been started in 25,000 govt. schools of the State to provide qualitative education to the students.This yojana would encourage the teachers to join the govt schools by recognizing their best work.

According the Census of India, In 2011, literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh is 70.6 per cent as compared to 63.7 per cent in the year 2001. During the last decade the rise in literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh is 6.9 percentage points. Female and male literacy rates in 2011 are 60.0 per cent and 80.5 per cent respectively.

The Framework of these scheme has been prepared for evaluation and improvement of government schools by National University of Education Planning and Administration New Delhi under the Human Resources Development Ministry, Government of India.

Objective of Shala Siddhi Prohatsan Yojana

  • The district core committees will be required to form block-level selection committee by 22 July
  • The district core committee will be required to select 3 primary and middle school
  • The selected school will be required to forward their applications for Shala Siddhi Karyakram to Sankul principals by 28 July.
  • The chosen school will be awarded on Teacher’s Day, on 5 September.

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