Sarathi Yojana in Uttar Pradesh – Electricity Information Now on Mobile

August 24, 2017 | UPDATED ON: August 24, 2017
Sarathi Yojana Uttar Pradesh

The department of Energy of both the Center and state government of Uttar Pradesh have started “Sarathi Yojana” to provide IT related information on electricity to the consumers. The objective of this scheme is to provide information about electricity on mobile to the consumers.

Under Sarathi Yojana, consumers will get information about the time of cutting of electricity on their mobile. It would also be providing information about the purchase and sale of electricity online. Through this initiative, the energy department will get help to reduce the line loss under the scheme.

Sarathi Yojana for Electricity Information in UP

The energy department of both the Center and UP state government has announced Sarathi Yojana to resolve the problem of line loss. Under the scheme, those feeder will be marked who are facing the highest line loss. The data of domestic and commercial consumers connected to such feeders will also be kept for future use.

According to the official notification, this scheme will help assess the precise data related to the revenue generated for selling of power. This assessment will help identify the difference of cost between purchase-sale of electricity and overcome the causes.

This mobile application will provide information regarding the consumers bill and their information, along with other information they have been using in the application.

The strong management IT help desk and trained staff will be appointed so that users also get the benefit of application along with the department.

In the first phase of Sarathi Yojana, the officers of the Zone will be trained along with the Purvanchal Discom Headquarters. For this purpose, officers of Rural Energy Corporation, PEC and Power Grid Distribution Corporation Limited, PGDCL have been selected.

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