Sankalpadinda Siddi Programme in Karnataka Launched by PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched “Sankalpadinda Siddi programme” in Karnataka state to empowering farmers throughout the country. This program organised by the University of Agricultural Sciences at Harobelavadi village in Dharwad taluk of Karntaka.

Under Sankalpadinda siddi programme, government will provide many opportunities like adequate water, quality power supply and link farmers to the market etc. to double the income of farmers till 2022.

Here are some important requirement for agriculture sector

  • Optimal utilization of water resources
  • Create new infrastructure for irrigation
  • Balanced use of fertilizer
  • Conserve soil fertility
  • Connectivity link farmers to the market

Moreover, government will provide drip irrigation facility, soil testing and providing micro nutrients in the scheme to rejuvenate the agriculture sector. The government is also planning to encourage the farmers to adopt online Procurement System will be undertaken through the food corporation of India (FCI).

According to the official notification, the government will link farmers to the domestic and international markets so that the farmers will get good price for their produce. Under the scheme, farmers will be introduced with the advent of information and technology because the lacking of sufficient knowledge of scientific tools for their produce.

Through the scheme government has intention to address the issues with agriculture sectors and provide all the amenities for farmers to grow up their income and improve living standard.


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