Sankalp Se Siddhi – New India Movement from 2017 – 2022 by Ministry of Culture

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“Sankalp Se Siddhi” (Attainment through Resolve) programme is a new initiative launched by PM Narendra Modi for a New India movement from 2017 to 2022. This program aims to bring in many changes in the country for the betterment of country’s economy, citizens, society, governance, security and other verticals.

Under the Sankalp Se Siddhi program, the new India movement would organize events to make the Indian citizens aware of many social issues such as discrimination, communalism, non-hygiene etc. For positive transformation, this movement has been started to draw urgent need in Indian citizens to reform and transform.

New India movement 2017-2022 aims to free up the country from many social issues such as poverty, corruption, terrorism, filth and others by creating awareness among the people.

New India Movement (2017-2022) – Sankalp Se Siddhi Program

Following are the main objectives of the Sankalp Se Siddhi Program:-

  • Poverty-free India
  • Clean India
  • Terrorism-free India
  • Communalism-free India
  • Casteism-free India
  • Corruption-free India

In India, the greatest challenges such as corruption, poverty and illiteracy are required some special initiatives and attention from both the common people and the government to be rectified. There is an urgent need to overcome all these issues and bring up with a common solution for these challenges in the country.

This program is a great initiative launched on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Quit India movement. On the occasion, PM urged the citizens to join in the movement and a common effort to create an India of the dreams of the freedom fighters by 2022.

On this occasion, Many ministers and officers has taken pledge to become the builders of new India. This initiative is encouraging others to take a pledge and become a part of new India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive.

The New India movement will inspire the youth to fight with difficulties in their precious life.

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