Rajasthan Sajag Gram Yojana 2022 – Check Corruption Complaint Helpline / Whatsapp Number

Rajasthan Sajag Gram Yojana 2022 launched, check corruption complaint helpline / whatsapp number, register complaints against corrupt practices, ACB officials to go to villages on sudden check
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Rajasthan government has started Sajag Gram Yojana 2022 to curb corruption in villages across the state. Under Sajag Gram Yojna, ACB officers have been asked to go to villages on a sudden check. To check corruption practices in various departments, state govt. has also released Corruption Complaint Helpline Numbers. It includes ACB’s helpline phone no. and whatsapp number where citizens who are victims of corruption practices can file their complaints. In this article, we will tell you about corruption complaint helpline phone and whatsapp numbers.

Rajasthan Sajag Gram Yojana 2022

Rajasthan govt. has directed Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officers to go to villages on a sudden check to control corruption at the grassroot level. ACB has now launched a scheme namely Sajag Gram Yojana to keep a check on corrupt practices prevalent across various department. While launching the scheme, CM Ashok Gehlot mentioned that “This can become an effective medium to control corruption and prevent wastage in public welfare schemes of the Government in rural areas”.

Pilot Phase of Sajag Gram Yojna

Sajag Gram Yojana was launched on a pilot basis a few days ago in 51 villages across the state. Now CM Gehlot, home minister of Rajasthan, has asked the ACB officers not to remain confined to 51 villages and implement it across the state.

Implementation of Sajag Gram Yojana

Under the Sajag Gram Yojana, ACB officers will go to villages on a sudden check. These officers will interact with villagers and tell them about their rights and official procedures at different government offices. The villagers will be asked whether they had to pay a bribe for their genuine work. By doing this, ACB officers will get information about officers and employees taking bribes and will create fear among the officers and employees who take the bribe.

ACB officers will establish coordination between the government offices and the elected representatives to ensure that people get the benefit of the government schemes.

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Objectives of Sajag Gram Yojana in Rajasthan

The main objectives of Sajag Gram Yojna scheme are to:-

  • Establish coordination between people and administration;
  • Ensure quality execution of the schemes
  • Resolve grievances of the senior citizen, women and children;
  • Promote sports;
  • Connect drop out students with school

Check Corruption Complaint Helpline / Whatsapp Number

The state govt. of Rajasthan has released corruption complaint helpline as well as whatsapp numbers which are as follows:-

  • ACB helpline number – 1064
  • WhatsApp number – 9413502834

Any citizen who is a victim of corruption can register the complaint of corruption at either of ACB helpline phone number or whatsapp number. ACB has already conducted 430 traps to arrest corrupt government employees and officials red-handed. This is the highest number of catching corruption activities in any year after the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

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