RBI 100 Rs. Note (New) – Check Size / Colour / Design (Rani ki VAV) & Details

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RBI 100 Rs Note New Check Size Colour Design

Reserve Bank of India is going to issue new Rs. 100 Note from August 2018. This New RBI 100 Rs. Note will be smaller in size with lavender (baingni) colour and will contain motif of “Rani ki VAV” at the back. This 100 rupees note will possess advanced security features and will depict country’s cultural heritage. Most importantly, the old notes will also remain a legal tender even after the introduction of new Rs. 100 bank notes.

Bank Note Press (BNP) in Dewas has already started the printing of new Rs. 100 Notes. Rani Ki Bawdi is on the reverse side and is situated in Patan town of Gujarat state. This vavdi is also included in the list of World’s Heritage Sites.

All the paper for printing of these notes will come from Paper Mill in Hoshangabad. Now check the size, color, design and other features of this RBI New Rs. 100 Note.

RBI 100 Rs. Note (New) – Size / Colour / Design & Features

The important features regarding size, colour, design of RBI New Rs. 100 Note are as follows:-

  • Size – The size of New 100 Rs. Note is 66 mm * 142 mm. New Rs. 100 Note by RBI is smaller in size as compared to the old Rs. 100 Note. The New 100 Rs. Note is made similar to the size of new Rs. 500 Notes.
  • Colour – This time RBI has released the New Notes of Rs. 100 in Lavender (Baingni) Colour.
  • Design – New 100 rupee notes has various geometric patterns on it. 100 is also written in Devanagri and the year of printing is mentioned. These 100 rupees notes have Ashoka Stambh on the right side and contains ‘Rani ki Vava at the back. The note will appear as shown below:-
    • Front Side – The front side of the RBI New Rs. 100 Note will appear as follows:-
      RBI Rs. 100 New Note Front

      RBI Rs. 100 New Note Front

    • Reverse Side – The back side of the RBI New Rs. 100 Note will appear as follows:-
    • RBI New Rs. 100 Note Reverse

      RBI New Rs. 100 Note Reverse

  • Old Rs. 100 Notes – Old notes will continue to run till the time the new notes reaches all banks and ATMs for circulation in the country.
  • RBI 100 Rs. Denomination Notification

    RBI 100 Rs. Denomination Notification

These notes also possess various security features and have a attractive look. Previously, RBI had issued Rs. 2000, Rs. 500, Rs. 200 and Rs. 50 note.

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