Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal – Rajasthan Online Labour Employment Exchange for Workers [Apply]

Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal by Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan Online Labour Employment Exchange Portal for labourers, industries /workers apply online by filling application / registration form through online mode, Pravasi Rajasthani Shramik Kalyan Kosh to setup
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Rajasthan government has launched an Online Labour Employment Exchange portal namely Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal for labourers. The department of Information and Technology (IT) and RSLDC have started developing portal for labour employment exchange to ensure providing jobs to migrant workers. With this online website, the mismatch b/w demand and supply of workers in the state will be addressed. The industrial units can raise their demands on the portal. The process to apply online for labourers by filling workers application / registration form has started.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has directed the officials to setup Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal as Online Employment Exchange for labourers to enable them to get jobs during Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. This employment exchange will meet the requirements of industries by providing manpower supply.

Till date, over 6 lakh migrant workers have returned to the state. CM asked for online mapping of labourers including construction workers who have been coming to Rajasthan or those going to other states.

Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal – Online Labour Employment Exchange

It is the responsibility of the Rajasthan government to support workers during Coronavirus crisis. Moreover, it is also necessary to ensure availability of workers to bring industries back on track.

Rajasthan Workers Application / Registration Form

To ensure proper availability of labourers to industries and providing work to labour, CM Ashok Gehlot has started a new Rajasthan Online Labour Employment Exchange Portal. Both the industries and labourers can register themselves on the exchange. As soon as the Online Worker Employment Exchange portal online application link is available, we will update the process to fill labourers application / registration form here.

New projects of skill development should be designed to ensure that workers skill can be developed as per the current needs. CM directed the Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation (RSLDC) to impart short term training to inbound migrants and prepare them for local industries. All the data related to demand and supply side of workers would be put up on the Rajasthan Online Labour Employment Exchange Portal.

Due to nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, a large number of migrant workers have come to Rajasthan and even migrated to other states. The Labor Department should provide training to workers as per their qualifications and requirement of industries. This will enable labourers to get employed in various enterprises and earn their livelihood. Industries can raise their demand with certain skills on the portal. On the supply side, there are around 12.5 lakh registered unemployed persons in the state.

With special emphasis to bring reforms in labour laws, CM said that “The entire scenario of the industry has changed due to the lockdown and at the same time, there is a big challenge of labour planning. There is a need to change and bring reform in the purview of labour laws as per the need of the hour.” For this purpose, CM has given directions to make maximum departmental schemes and programs online.

There are 4 lakh youths trained by RSLDC and we also have some youths who have been trained by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). There are 23.5 lakh building and other construction workers. Already 6 lakh migrant workers have come from Rajasthan to other states. The state govt. of Rajasthan will upload the data on the portal to address mismatch of demand and supply of workers.

Migrant Rajasthani Workers Welfare Fund

The state govt. of Rajasthan has approved the formation of Migrant Rajasthani Workers Welfare Fund (Pravasi Rajasthani Shramik Kalyan Kosh). CM Ashok Gehlot approved the formation of the Pravasi Rajasthani Workers Welfare Fund as announced in the budget for the welfare of migrant Rajasthani workers.

The labour department is preparing their database as per the skills of migrant workers so that such labourers can get linked to employment opportunities as per the requirement of industries. So far, around 6 lakh workers have arrived in Rajasthan and 1.35 lakh workers have gone to other states. Rajasthan labour department is preparing the workers database and after the completion of the mapping of labourers, their skill development will be made through RSLDC.

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