Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017 Approved by Govt.

Dated: November 20, 2017 | Updated On: November 20, 2017 | By: Rajesh Kumar |
Punjab Chief Minister

The state government of Punjab has given its approval to Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017 to provide compensation to the family of victims of several crimes. The scheme will provide compensation to victim of crimes including Acid Attack, Rape, Sexual Assault, Physical Abuse, Burns etc. Under the scheme, the minimum compensation amount of Rs. 3 lakh will be given to each victim family of acid attack.

The Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017 has been notified by the Department of Home Affairs and Justice. The state government will bear the entire cost of the scheme. However, the central government will provide one-time assistance of Rs. 4.01 crore to crime victims and their dependents.

The state government will make a special provision every year in its budget to provide the fund to the Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs.

The Punjab Victim or Their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017

Under the scheme, the victim of acid attack will get the amount of Rs. 3 lakh. In addition, the government will also provide 100 percent medical reimbursement including medicine, food, bedding and plastic surgery/reconstructive surgery to the victims, if required, at government approved hospitals. This scheme is being launched following the orders of the Supreme Court of India.

Moreover, the compensation amount will be increased by 50 percent for the victim who are under 14 years of age. Below given are the various compensation amount which will be provided to different types of victims.

Types of victimsCompensation amount
Acid Attack VictimsRs. 3 Lakh + 100% medical reimbursement
Rape VictimsRs. 3 Lakh
Death due to Acid AttackRs. 5 lakh
Murder with RapeRs. 4 lakh
Physical abuse of MinorRs. 2 lakh
Sexual AssaultRs. 50,000
Human Trafficking VictimRs. 1 lakh
Death due to Sexual AssaultRs. 2 lakh
Permanent Disability (80% or more of body)Rs. 2 lakh
Partial Disability (40% to 80% of body)Rs. 1 lakh
Burns excluding acid attacks (more than 25% of body)Rs. 2 lakh
Loss of fertilityRs. 1.5 lakh
Loss of FoetousRs. 50000

This scheme will be made operational by the Department of Home Affairs and Justice. This department is a nodal agency to execute the scheme which would regulate, administer as well as monitor the scheme. In addition, the department will also ensure the release of the appropriate amount to State Legal Services Authority. However, the District Legal Services Authorities will also get the appropriate amount as per their requirements without delay.

The interested candidate can download the PDF of the scheme at the link given below.
Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017

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