Punjab Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Scheme for Farmers – Earn Money On Saving Water

June 14, 2018 | UPDATED ON: June 14, 2018
Punjab PSPCL Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Scheme

Punjab government has approved the ‘Pani Bachao, Paise Kamao’ (save water, earn money) scheme. Accordingly, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) is starting a pilot project of direct benefit transfer for electricity to agricultural consumers. It will be a voluntary disclosure scheme and is not binding upon the consumers. All those consumers who are consuming less units of electricity will get money at the rate of Rs. 4 per unit directly into their bank accounts.

In the first phase, the Power Utility Company has selected 6 pilot feeders in the districts of Fatehgarh Sahib, Jalandhar & Hoshiarpur. This scheme will provide cash incentives to the farmers on saving electricity.

This scheme is specifically designed to recharge the ground water level. The primary objective of this Paani Bachao Paise Kamao Scheme is to Save Water and Earn Money and thus to save the state from any water crisis in the near future.

How to Earn Money Under Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to Save Water and Earn Money. Here is the complete description on How a Farmer can earn money by Saving Water:-

  1. Supply Limit – All the farmers will be allotted a specific supply limit as per the BHP capacity of their motors. For eg – Supply limit for a farmer is fixed at 1,000 units per month.
  2. No. of Units Utilized – Then the Number of Units Utilized by the farmers will be taken into account. Suppose, a farmer utilizes only Rs. 800 per unit in a month.
  3. Difference = Supply Limit – No. of Units Utilized – The difference in the Supply Limit and Number of Units Utilized will be basis for earning income at the rate of Rs. 4 per unit. The difference in this case is 200 (1000 – 800) units.
  4. Farmer’s Earning – The state govt. will provide Rs. 4 per unit on the difference directly into the bank accounts of farmers. In this case, the earning of farmer is Rs. 800 (200 units * Rs. 4 per Unit) per month.

Moreover, if the consumption of electricity of any farmer exceeds the limit of monthly units. In such a case, consumers are not liable to pay any charges and additional electricity will be given absolutely free of cost. All the farmers who are not opting for this scheme will get fee electricity.

Paani Bachao Paise Kamao Features

Govt. is not binding this scheme for saving water on anyone. The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • All the consumers will have to voluntary adopt this scheme.
  • All such consumers who are willing to join this scheme will get meters installed on their motors for calculation of their subsidy amount.
  • Govt. will issue no bills to the consumers who adopt for this scheme as this water saving scheme is absolutely free.
  • It is important to note here that all the consumers of these 6 feeders will only get electricity during the daytime. However if more than 80% of people adopt for this scheme, then consumers will get an additional electricity supply for 2 hours.

People must support this Pani Bachao, Paise Kamao initiative of the Punjab govt. to save water and earn money. People can save Power to boost the economic progress of the farmers. Moreover, all those farmers who opts for this scheme will get top priorities in the upcoming agricultural schemes of the state government.

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