Punjab Govt. hikes Compensation for Damaged Crops by 50% (Rs. 12,000 per acre)

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Punjab govt. has taken an important decision to enhance the compensation amount for damaged crops of farmers to Rs. 12,000 per acre. Now all the farmers who suffer heavy losses due to crop damage by any natural calamity will get assistance at Rs. 12,000 per acre. This increase in compensation amount is around 50% over the previous scheme. Govt. will implement this landmark decision from 20 June 2017.

Now the state govt. has enhanced the compensation amount for damaged crops of 76% to 100% due to adverse weather conditions from Rs. 8,000 per acre to Rs. 12,000 per acre. This enhanced compensation amount will provide a big relief to the farmers who have suffered heavy crop damage due to bad weather.

Previously, the compensation amount was increased to Rs. 8,000 per acre for damaged crops of 76% to 100% on 1 April 2015. Punjab govt. has taken this decision in order to ensure that the farmers life becomes easy and is a next pro-farmer step after the Debt Waiver Scheme / Kisan Karj Mafi Yojana.

Punjab Compensation Amount for Damaged Crops – Notification

The following rates will now remain applicable for the farmers who suffers crop loss on the basis of percentage of crops being damaged:-

Percentage of Crops Being Damaged (% Crop Loss)Financial Assistance Amount
26% to 32%Rs. 2,000 per acre
33% to 75%Rs. 5,400 per acre
76% to 100%Rs. 12,000 per acre

Punjab govt. has taken this decision to ensure that the state govt. is fully committed towards the welfare of small and marginal farmers. Govt. will also take certain other steps to bring farmers out of the agarian crisis. This will lead to the overall development of the state.

The state govt. is urging the Central govt. to implement the Swaminathan Commission report. For this, govt. has written a letter to the central government stating that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of the crops is to be determined at the cost of production + 50%.


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