7 Star Village Scheme in Haryana to Improve Works of Gram Panchayat

Published on: 2018-01-29 12:52:32

7 Star Village Scheme in Haryana to Improve Works of Gram Panchayat

Haryana government has launched 7 Star Village Scheme for Gram Panchayats. Subsequently, the state govt. will assess works of gram panchayats and will provide them awards & incentives. Accordingly, gram panchayat work details will be the sole criteria for identification purposes. In addition to this, all those villages which scores maximum scores in all parameters will get recognition of “Indradhanush Gram Panchayats”.

Haryana govt. will carry out the identification process in a systematic manner. Henceforth, each selected gram panchayat will receive special grants from Development and Panchayat Department. Govt. will assign them stars of different colours on the basis of their developmental activities.

This scheme will benefit the rural people to a great extent as every gram panchayat will work hard and carry out development activites in their villages.

7 Star Village Scheme – List of Colors of Stars & Development activities

7 Star Village Scheme
Star Color Development Activities of Gram Panchayat
Pink Outstanding Performance for improving sex ratio
Green Environment Protection Activities
White Cleanliness related activities
Saffron Crime Free Villages / gram panchayat efforts for crime reduction
Sky No drop outs in villages
Golden Good Governance (Maximum governance, Minimum govt.)
Silver Maximum Participation in village development activities

Moreover, if a gram panchayat scores maximum in all the above mentioned parameters, then state govt. will give special consideration. It will get recognition of Indradhanush Gram Panchayat and will receive special incentives / grants.

7 Star Village Scheme – Details

Haryana govt. will identify these gram panchayats in every district after assessment of work details and developmental activities carried out them in their respective villages. Subsequently, each village will get incentives on the basis of star color assigned to them.

The state govt. will assign star ratings on the basis of developmental activities taking place in villages. Henceforth, this scheme will promote “Ease of Living” in villages and improve living standards of rural people.

7 Star Village scheme will improve sex ratio, cleanliness, reduce drop out rates, good governance, environment protection activities in villages. Furthermore, Haryana govt. will honour these villages on 23 March 2018 as per their star ratings.

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