Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana for Pregnant Women in Uttar Pradesh

Dated: September 12, 2017 | Updated On: September 18, 2017 | By: Rajesh Kumar | | Beneficiary of Scheme:

Uttar Pradesh state government has launched Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) across the state under which pregnant women will get financial assistance of Rs. 5000 for their first baby. This amount will be transferred directly into the bank account of beneficiary women.

The main objective of Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana is to improve the health of pregnant women and safe delivery of child with good health. As per the notification, those women who were pregnant after January 1, 2017 will be eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme.

PMMVY is a centrally sponsored scheme which was announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the new year eve on 31st December 2016.

Highlights of Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

Below are some of the main highlights of the scheme

  • To avail the scheme, women have to register themselves at the public health center.
  • The beneficiary must link their Aadhar card with the bank account.
  • The amount of Rs. 5000 will be provided in three installments.
  • Women will get first installment of Rs. 1000 at time of registration of pregnancy. Second installment of Rs. 2000 will be received by the women on check-up after six months. Furthermore, the last installment of Rs. 2000 will be given after vaccination of six months of the newborn baby.

Scheme Name: Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana
Financial Assistance: Rs. 5000
Beneficiary: First time pregnant Women

This scheme will surely help boosting the health care facilities for the pregnant women, especially the poor. Under Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana, all the services during pregnancy will be provided in routine at identified public health facilities in both urban and rural areas.

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