WB Porijai Sahay Scheme 2022 – Free of Cost Ration to Migrant Labourers by Labour Department

West Bengal Porijai Sahay Scheme 2022 launched, free ration distribution to migrant workers by labour dept, free of cost ration for all & Duare Ration programme soon, check details here
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West Bengal labour department has launched WB Porijai Sahay Scheme 2022. In this unique scheme, the labour dept. of West Bengal govt. will ensure that free of cost ration is delivered to migrant labourers. In this article, we will provide you with the complete details of the West Bengal Porijai Sahay Yojana.

WB Porijai Sahay Scheme 2022 by Labour Department

West Bengal government has ensured free of cost ration for all and soon Duare Ration programme would also start. But inspite of this, Labour department has taken the initiative to identify whether any migrant labourer is left out of getting free ration benefits. All inspectors of Labour dept. were engaged to identify such migrant workers who are yet to get free ration every month. Till 8 September 2021, around 2,833 migrant workers have being identified under the supervision of the state Labour minister. Under Porijai Sahay Scheme 2022, all such migrants will get free of cost ration.

Benefits under Porijai Sahay Scheme

Each of the Porijai Sahay Scheme beneficiary will get 5 kg food grains every month. The process of distributing 5 kg rice in the first month through ration shops has started. The state Labour department is providing a coupon to each of the migrant labourers and they can easily collect their foodgrains from ration shops against the provided coupons. A representative of the state Labour department is handing over the coupons at the doorstep of each of these beneficiaries.

The dependents of these migrant labourers are also eligible for the benefits under the Porijay Sahay scheme. After identifying such migrant workers, the state Labour department has uploaded their details in its dedicated portal at https://wblabour.gov.in/. The same database has been exchanged with the state Food and Supplies department.

Supreme Court Directions to Provide Support to Migrant Labourers

It needs mention that the Supreme Court had directed the Centre as well as the state government to take steps to extend all necessary support to migrant labourers. Since the first wave of Covid pandemic, the Bengal government has taken a series of steps to extend support to migrant labourers. Besides paying a hefty amount to hire special trains to bring them back from different states, the state government had also provided them work under the 100 days job scheme to help them earn their livelihood. Now the state govt. has launched Porijai Sahay Scheme to ensure free of cost ration to all migrant workers.

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