Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) Courses List 2021 & Job Roles

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) offers about 160 courses in different streams, check out the complete list of PMKVY courses for the year 2021-2022 प्रधान मंत्री कौशल विकास योजना कोर्स लिस्ट 2021
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PMKVY Courses list is amended by the Government time to time and here we bring you the latest list of PMKVY courses being offered at present in India. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana or PMKVY is an ambitious skill training scheme of NDA government. Under the PMKVY, the central government provides skill training courses in different industrial verticals through authorized training centers.

The new final PMKVY courses list (2018-2021) was released by the Ministry on 03 March 2019. The number of courses in the new list has been reduced to just 165 from 577 earlier while some new industry verticals have been introduced taking total to 28. However the total job roles for both the schemes (Recognition of Prior Learning and Short Term Learning) are more as per the official website.

PMKVY Courses List 2021 & Job Roles

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana at present is offering courses in different industry verticals through 34 Skill Councils. At present there are 165 job roles available with 28 skill councils (instead of earlier 577 Job roles available with 31 skill councils) for which the courses are being offered across the nation.

Below is the complete industry wise list of courses being offered under the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2021.

List of PMKVY Courses

S. NoSectorName of the QPQP Ref. IDNSQF LevelDURATION (HOURS)
1Aerospace & AviationAirline Cargo AssistantAAS/Q01033192
2Aerospace & AviationAirline Baggage HandlerAAS/Q01043192
3Aerospace & AviationAirline Customer Service ExecutiveAAS/Q03014240
4Aerospace & AviationAirline Security ExecutiveAAS/Q06013240
5Aerospace & AviationAirline Reservation AgentAAS/Q03024240
6AgricultureAnimal Health WorkerAGR/Q48043300
7AgricultureAqua Culture WorkerAGR/Q49043200
9AgricultureBroiler Poultry Farm WorkerAGR/Q43023210
10AgricultureDairy Farmer/EntrepreneurAGR/Q41014200
11AgricultureLayer Farm WorkerAGR/Q43073200
12AgricultureFloriculturist – Open cultivationAGR/Q07014200
13AgricultureFloriculturist – Protected cultivationAGR/Q07024200
14AgricultureGreenhouse OperatorAGR/Q10033200
15AgricultureMicro irrigation TechnicianAGR/Q10024200
16AgricultureOrganic GrowerAGR/Q12014200
17AgricultureQuality Seed GrowerAGR/Q71014200
18AgricultureSmall poultry farmerAGR/Q43064240
19AgricultureTractor operatorAGR/Q11014200
20AgricultureArtificial Insemination TechnicianAGR/Q48033400
21AgricultureMushroom Grower (small entrepreneur)AGR/Q78034200
22AgricultureOrnamental fish technicianAGR/Q49104200
23AgricultureSeed Processing WorkerAGR/Q71023200
24Apparel, Made-Ups & Home FurnishingExport AssistantAMH/Q16014270
25AutomotiveAutomotive Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers)ASC/Q14114450
26AutomotiveAutomotive Service Technician Level 3ASC/Q14013446
27AutomotiveCommercial Vehicle Driver Level 4ASC/Q97034400
28AutomotiveForklift Operator (Driver)ASC/Q97074300
29AutomotiveSales Consultant (Automotive finance)ASC/Q20014400
30AutomotiveTaxi DriverASC/Q97054220
31Banking, Financial Services and InsuranceGoods & Services Tax (GST) Accounts AssistantBSC/Q09104100
32Beauty & WellnessYoga InstructorBWS/Q22014226
33Capital GoodsFitter – Electrical and Electronic AssemblyCSC/Q03053500
34ConstructionMason TilingCON/Q01044400
35ConstructionMason GeneralCON/Q01034400
36ConstructionShuttering Carpenter SystemCON/Q03044400
37ConstructionScaffolder SystemCON/Q03054404
38ConstructionConstruction Painter and DecoratorCON/Q05033400
39Domestic WorkerChild Care takerDWC/Q02013200
40Domestic WorkerGeneral HousekeeperDWC/Q01023200
41Domestic WorkerHousekeeper cum CookDWC/Q01013400
42Domestic WorkerElderly Caretaker (Non-Clinical)DWC/Q08013200
43Electronics & HardwareCCTV Installation TechnicianELE/Q46054360
44Electronics & HardwareDTH Set Top Box Installation & Service TechnicianELE/Q81014200
45Electronics & HardwareField Technician – Computing and PeripheralsELE/Q46014300
46Electronics & HardwareField Technician – Networking and StorageELE/Q46064360
47Electronics & HardwareField Technician – Other Home AppliancesELE/Q31044360
48Electronics & HardwareLED Light Repair TechnicianELE/Q93024360
49Electronics & HardwareMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianELE/Q81044360
50Electronics & HardwareSolar Panel Installation TechnicianELE/Q59014400
51Food ProcessingAssistant Lab Technician – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q76014240
52Food ProcessingBaking TechnicianFIC/Q50054240
53Food ProcessingButter and Ghee Processing OperatorFIC/Q20034240
54Food ProcessingCold Storage TechnicianFIC/Q70044250
55Food ProcessingDairy Processing Equipment OperatorFIC/Q20024240
56Food ProcessingFish and Sea Food Processing TechnicianFIC/Q40014240
57Food ProcessingFruit Pulp Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01064240
58Food ProcessingFruit Ripening TechnicianFIC/Q01044240
59Food ProcessingFruits and Vegetables Canning TechnicianFIC/Q01074240
60Food ProcessingFruits and Vegetables Drying/ Dehydration TechnicianFIC/Q01054240
61Food ProcessingFruits and Vegetables Selection In-ChargeFIC/Q01083240
62Food ProcessingIce Cream Processing TechnicianFIC/Q20044240
63Food ProcessingJam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01034240
64Food ProcessingMixing TechnicianFIC/Q50044240
65Food ProcessingModified Atmosphere Storage TechnicianFIC/Q70034240
66Food ProcessingPickle Making TechnicianFIC/Q01024240
67Food ProcessingPlant Biscuit Production SpecialistFIC/Q50034240
68Food ProcessingPulse Processing TechnicianFIC/Q10044150
69Food ProcessingPurchase Assistant – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q70054240
70Food ProcessingSquash and Juice Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01014240
71Food ProcessingTraditional Snack and Savoury MakerFIC/Q85014240
72Food ProcessingOffal CollectorFIC/Q30054240
73Food ProcessingSpice Processing TechnicianFIC/Q85024240
74Green JobsSolar PV Installer – CivilSGJ/Q01034180
75Green JobsSolar PV Installer – ElectricalSGJ/Q01024200
76Green JobsSolar PV Installer (Suryamitra)SGJ/Q01014300
77Handicrafts & CarpetsBamboo Basket MakerHCS/Q87043240
78Handicrafts & CarpetsBamboo Mat WeaverHCS/Q87023240
79Handicrafts & CarpetsBamboo Utility Handicraft AssemblerHCS/Q87053230
80Handicrafts & CarpetsEngraving artisan (Metal Handicrafts)HCS/Q29024280
81Handicrafts & CarpetsHandloom Weaver (Carpets)HCS/Q54123270
82Handicrafts & CarpetsStamping operator (Metal Handicrafts)HCS/Q28024200
83HealthcareEmergency Medical Technician – BasicHSS/Q23014240
84HealthcareFront Line Health WorkerHSS/Q86013225
85HealthcareGeneral Duty AssistantHSS/Q51014240
86HealthcareHome Health AideHSS/Q51024240
87HealthcarePharmacy AssistantHSS/Q54014200
88Infrastructure EquipmentBackhoe Loader OperatorIES/Q01014210
89Infrastructure EquipmentExcavator OperatorIES/Q01034210
90Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Backhoe OperatorIES/Q01023150
91Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Excavator OperatorIES/Q01043170
92Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Mechanic – Elec/Electronics/ InstrumentsIES/Q11063160
93Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Mechanic (Engine)IES/Q11023160
94Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Mechanic (Hydraulic)IES/Q11043160
95Infrastructure EquipmentJunior Operator CraneIES/Q01113150
96Iron & SteelFitter – InstrumentationISC/Q11023300
97Iron & SteelFitter Electrical AssemblyISC/Q10013310
98Iron & SteelFitter Electronic AssemblyISC/Q11013300
99Iron & SteelRigger : Rigging of heavy materialISC/Q09083250
100LeatherStitcher (Goods & Garments)LSS/Q55014200
101LeatherMoulding OperatorLSS/Q75014200
102LeatherPost Tanning Machine OperatorLSS/Q07014200
103LeatherPre- Assembly OperatorLSS/Q26014200
104Management and Entrepreneurship & ProfessionalUnarmed Security GuardMEP/Q71014160
105Management and Entrepreneurship & ProfessionalSecretaryMEP/Q020141080
106Management and Entrepreneurship & ProfessionalOffice AssistantMEP/Q02023180
107Media & EntertainmentMake-up artistMES/Q18014240
108Media & EntertainmentHairdresserMES/Q18024240
109Media & EntertainmentEditorMES/Q14014240
110Media & EntertainmentSound EditorMES/Q34044240
111MiningJack Hammer OperatorMIN/Q02124250
112MiningMining – Wire saw OperatorMIN/Q02034510
113MiningMining – Loader OperatorMIN/Q02084510
114MiningMining – Mechanic / FitterMIN/Q03043330
115MiningMine ElectricianMIN/Q04164540
116MiningMine WelderMIN/Q04234350
117People with Disability*Retail Sales AssociatePWR/Q01044*280
118People with Disability*Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)PWT/Q02033*250
119People with Disability*Food & Beverage Service-StewardPWT/Q03014*300
120People with Disability*CRM Domestic Non-VoicePWD/SSC/Q22114*400
121People with Disability*Domestic Data Entry OperatorPWD/SSC/Q22124*400
122People with Disability*Customer Care Executive (Call Centre)PWD/TEL/Q01004*200
123People with Disability*Dairy Farmer/ EntrepreneurPWD/AGR/Q41014*200
124People with Disability*Hand EmbroidererPWD/AMH/Q10014*200
125People with Disability*Telecom -In-store promoterPWD/TEL/Q21014*200
126People with Disability*Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianPWD/FIC/Q01034*240
127People with Disability*PackerPWD/AMH/Q14073*180
128People with Disability*Pickle Making TechnicianPWD/FIC/Q01024*240
129People with Disability*Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Polisher and CleanerPWD/G&J/Q07013*150
130People with Disability*Room AttendantPWD/THC/Q02024*320
131People with Disability*Sewing Machine OperatorPWD/AMH/Q03014*270
132People with Disability*Retail Trainee AssociatePWD/RAS/Q01033*280
133People with Disability*Assistant Spa TherapistPWD/BWS/Q10013*300
134PlumbingPlumber (After Sales Service)PSC/Q03033200
135PowerDistribution LinemanPSS/Q01024350
136PowerConsumer Energy Meter TechnicianPSS/Q01073350
138PowerAssistant Technician -Street Light Installation & MaintenancePSS/Q60033200
139PowerTechnician- Distribution Transformer RepairPSS/Q30034350
140PowerAttendant Sub-Station (66/11, 33/11 KV)- Power DistributionPSS/Q30023350
141PowerElectrician Domestic SolutionsPSS/Q60013350
142RetailRetail Sales AssociateRAS/Q01044280
143RetailRetail Trainee AssociateRAS/Q01033280
144RubberMill OperatorRSC/Q01014350
145RubberRubber Nursery Worker – GeneralRSC/Q60054200
146RubberLatex Harvest Technician (Tapper)RSC/Q61034200
147RubberGeneral Worker – Rubber PlantationRSC/Q61074200
148RubberMaterial Handling and Storage OperatorRSC/Q01084350
149SportsFitness TrainerSPF/Q11024250
150SportsSports MasseurSPF/Q11034200
151TelecomCustomer Care Executive (Call Centre)TEL/Q01004200
152TelecomCustomer Care Executive (Relationship Centre)TEL/Q01014200
153TelecomCustomer Care Executive (Repair Centre)TEL/Q22004200
154TelecomDistributor Sales RepresentativeTEL/Q21004200
155TelecomField Sales Executive-Telecom Plan & ServicesTEL/Q02004200
156TelecomGrass Root Telecom Provider (GRTP)TEL/Q62074300
157TelecomHandset Repair EngineerTEL/Q22014300
158TelecomTelecom -In-store promoterTEL/Q21014200
159TelecomOptical Fiber TechnicianTEL/Q64014300
160TelecomSales Executive (Broadband)TEL/Q02014200
161TelecomTelecom Terminal Equipment Application Developer (Android Application)TEL/Q23004250
162TelecomTelecom- Tower TechnicianTEL/Q41004300
163TelecomBroadband TechnicianTEL/Q01024300
164TelecomOptical Fiber SplicerTEL/Q64003300
165Tourism & HospitalityFront Office AssociateTHC/Q01024280
PMKVY Courses List / Job roles

*List Last Updated on 11 March 2020

PMKVY Courses List PDF

The complete PMKVY courses list can also be downloaded in PDF format from the official website of PMKVY at using the link below.

Under the PMKVY, the central Government also provides financial reward to the candidates who are successfully trained, certifies and assessed. The financial reward amount is different for different job roles.

PMKVY Courses List with Fee

The fees of PMKVY courses is not available on the official portal, visit the traing center for details about the PMKVY courses fees.

Central Government Schemes 2021केंद्र सरकारी योजना हिन्दीPopular Schemes in Central:PM Awas Yojana Gramin (PMAY-G)Pradhan Mantri Awas YojanaSECC-2011 BPL List | नयी Final BPL लिस्ट

PMKVY Courses / Training Centers Statistics

PMKVY Stats for Recognition of Prior Learning
PMKVY Stats for Recognition of Prior Learning
PMKVY Stats for Short Term Training
PMKVY Stats for Short Term Training
PMKVY Stats for Special Projects

The complete list of PMKVY job roles for all schemes (Recognition of Prior Learning and Short Term Learning) can be downloaded in Excel format from the official website using the below link.

PMKVY Training Partners List
PMKVY Training Centers List


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