Odisha Mission Suvidya to Improve Services in SC / ST Hostels

Odisha Govt. Mission Suvidya to improve services like safety and security, health, hygiene & food provisions in hostels run by SC / ST department for tribals
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Odisha government has launched Mission Suvidya to ensure quality of basic facilities in tribal hostels. In this campaign, govt. will improve services like safe building, functional toilets, safe drinking water, proper kitchen and dining in hostel managed by SC / ST department. This scheme will help students to focus on their studies.

For effective implementation of Mission Suvidya in Odisha, SC / ST dept. has signed 2 MoUs with Quality Council of India (QCI) and with Akshara Foundation. This Suvidya Scheme will guarantee quality services in safety and security, health, hygiene and food provisions for inmates.

Mission Suvidya will conform to the objectives of 5T initiative of the Odisha government. This move will have a multiplier effect in overall quality of education in the state.

Odisha Mission Suvidya for Quality Services in Tribal Hostels

The state govt. of Odisha has started Mission Suvidya to bring qualitative shift in accommodation facilities provided to students in SC / ST hostels. Odisha Mission Suvidya has a maximm laid down standard to assure and sustain quality with an aim to achieve ISO certification. As per MoU signed, QCI would conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of all hostels under SC / ST department. This will help in improving standard and quality of hostels to get ISO certificate.

The Akshara Foundation which is well known non-government organization (NGO) working on quality education will now collaborate with SC / ST dept. to improve learning outcomes of students. Akshara Foundation has developed specific education programmes for school kids, classroom / hostel library programmes and digital learning solutions. Over 2 lakh students at primary sections in schools under SC / ST dept. would be benefited in 1st phase.

There are more than 5.7 lakh students studying in 6500 tribal hostels. Mission Suvidya will provide pleasing atmosphere to all inmates in these hostels. Odisha govt. is facing criticism over reports of teenage pregnancy from these tribal hostels. During 2009-18, at-least 17 cases of teenage pregnancy and 14 cases of mental harassment were reported from schools and hostels managed by SC / ST department.

At this occasion, one MoU was also signed between Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) and Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation of Odisha Ltd. (TDCCOL). This MoU is signed to ensure market linkage to several products introduced by tribal artisans and tribal entrepreneurs in the state.

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