MP Govt. Mid-Day Meal Scheme Benefits to 34,000 Madrasa Students

Madhya Pradesh govt. to include over 34,000 madrasa students in Mid-Day Meal Scheme, 1375 madrassas to be included in midday meal to get nutritious food
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Madhya Pradesh government has cleared the proposal to render benefits of Mid-Day Meal Scheme to recognized madrassas. There are 1406 such madrasa in the state out of which 1375 would be included in this MP Govt. Mid-Day Meal Scheme for Madrassas.

CM Kamal Nath led cabinet has decided to bring 1375 madrasa under midday meal scheme in Madhya Pradesh. These madrassas will now provide nutritious meals to around 34,000 students out of which 77% are from primary level.

Moreover, govt. has also decided to provide 100 units of electricity at Rs. 100 and loan waiver for tribal people.

MP Govt. Mid Day Meal Scheme for Madrassas

All the madrassas which are approved by MP State Madrasa Board would be brought under the Mid Day Meal Scheme. Even all those madrasa which have been recommended or will be recommended by the state government for obtaining grants from the central government are included in this scheme. This decision of MP Govt. will benefit over 34,000 students studying at primary level and secondary level madrasas.

MP Govt. Mid-Day Meal Scheme for Madrassas will cost the state govt. expenditure an amount of Rs. 10.20 crore. The cabinet committee has also decided that consumers eligible for Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana will be given a bill of max Rs. 100 on consumption of first 100 units. In case there is a consumption of more than 100 units in 1 month by beneficiary, then for 1st 100 units, bill will be Rs. 100 (including meter fare & electricity charges).

If the electricity consumption is more than 100 units, then bill will be payable at the rate prescribed in the tariff order issued by the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission. In case the consumption is more than 150 or proportional eligibility units in any month, then consumer would not be given the benefit of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in that month.

The bill will be payable on its entire consumption at the rates determined by the Commission. Once the scheme implements in inclusive form, all other subsidies provided to domestic consumers will end. This scheme is going to benefit 1.02 cr domestic consumers with an outlay of Rs. 2,666 cr on state exchequer.

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