MHRD Limits Weight of School Bags for Kids – No Homework for Class 1 & 2 Students

जानिए क्या है MHRD द्वारा तय की गयी स्कूल बैग के वजन की नयी सीमा?

MHRD Limits Weight of School Bags & specifies class wise limit for class 1st to 10th kids & no homework to be assigned to class I & II students, check weight load of school bags before sending children to schools

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MHRD Limit Weight School Bags Students

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has given directions to the states to limit weight of school bags for kids of Class I to X. The heavy school bags has resulted in dropping shoulders and turn school going children into beasts of burden. So to safeguard health and physical development of school students, HRD ministry has asked states to come up with regulations to limit weight of school bags depending on classes they are in.

MHRD has issued circular to Education department authorities of all states requesting state school departments to formulate new guidelines to reduce weight of school bags carried by the students. Moreover, it has also been mentioned that no homework could be given to the students of Class I & Class II.

The steps to lighten burden on students have been taken by the several states but some states still follow the old norms.

MHRD Circular to Limit Weight of School Bags for Class I to X Students

The new circular issued states “MHRD has instructed all the states and Union Territories to formulate guidelines to regulate the teaching of subjects and weight of school bag in accordance with the Government of India instructions”. As per the new rules in the circular, schools in the UT shall not assign homework to the students of class 1st & 2nd.

Moreover, students should not be asked to bring additional books and other materials in their school bags. The notification also includes the new set limit for the weight of the school bags.

Check Class Wise Weight Limit for School Bags

All the students must check the new class wise weight limit for school bags before going to schools. These limits, as specified by MHRD are mentioned in the table below:-

Class I & II1.5 Kg
Class III to V2 to 3 Kg
Class VI to VII4 Kg
Class VIII & IX4.5 Kg
Class X5 Kg

In a recent survey conducted by ASSOCHAM in FY 2016, it was found that because of load of books in the children’s bag, 68% of the children falling in the age group of 7 to 13 years faces the risk of backaches and hunchbacks. More than 88% of students in the same age group carries more than 45% of their own weight on their backs.

Their heavy bags includes textbooks, activity books, swim kit, lunch box and other things. These are the factors which can lead to serious spinal damage and even irreversible back problems. So, MHRD has issued this notification to the education department to formulate certain rules and regulations to resolve this concern.

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