Maharashtra Skimmed Milk Powder for Class 1st to 8th Students – School Nutrition Scheme

August 24, 2018 | UPDATED ON: August 24, 2018
Skimmed Milk Powder School Nutrition Scheme Maharashtra

Maharashtra govt. has decided to provide Skimmed Milk Powder for Class 1st to 8th School Students under School Nutrition Scheme on a pilot basis. All the primary school students will be given 600 gm nutrition rich milk powder for 3 months to ensure better health. Each School will distribute skim milk powder packets to the students on a designated day named “Skim Milk Powder Distribution Day”.

There will be 3 packets where each packet will be for 1 month and comprises of 200 gm powder. This scheme will ensure good health for Class I to VIII school going primary students. Moreover, this pilot project will also provide a huge relief to the Dairy farmers as the milk production is surplus in the state for FY 2018.

School Education and Sports department has issued resolution on 23 August 2018 to implement School Nutrition Scheme in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Skimmed Milk Powder for Class 1st to 8th Students

All the students studying in Class 1st to 8th and their parents would get 3 packets of Skimmed Milk Powder totalling to 600 gm for 3 months. Parents needs to reconstitute milk from the given powder and must feed it to their school going children. 200 gm milk powder every month will account to 2 to 3 teaspoons of powder for milk everyday.

This pilot project for Skimmed Milk to Primary School Students will be launched in all schools. However, this scheme will exclude schools under Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation limits as these schools possess central govt.-promoted school nutrition programme is already existing.

Other political parties are consistently opposing this move as 200 gm packet may not be sufficient for the entire month. In case the child needs to have a glass of milk for 2 times in a day, then this amount of skimmed milk powder will be insufficient. Reports of Economic Survey 2017-18 (Page 177) of Maharashtra suggests that there are 1,06,527 primary schools (Std I to Std VIII) with total student enrollment of 15,909. Out of these students, around 7,450 students are girls.

Maharashtra School Nutrition Scheme for Primary Students

Schools will distribute skimmed milk powder packets to primary school students in presence of School Management Committee. At distribution event, schools will also tell the parents about how to reconstitute milk from that milk powder. Govt. will also ensure that schools will only distribute milk powder produced in the state itself.

The state govt. has decided to implement this School Nutrition Scheme on a pilot basis for 3 months. This year, milk is produced in surplus quantities in the state of Maharashtra. So, the govt. has made an announcement that on 10 July 2018, milk or milk powder will be given as a supplement to the School Nutrition Scheme.

Govt. has studied Ksheera Bahgya Yojana implemented by the Karnataka government. A committee headed by the additional chief secretary of the school education department will monitor the implementation of this Skimmed Milk Powder Scheme for Class 1st to 8th Students. Education director of primary education will be the coordinating officer for this pilot project.

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