Maharashtra Prajwala Scheme of Tejashri Financial Services | Hirakani Maharashtrachi

Maharashtra govt. starts Prajwala Scheme 2019 of Tejashri Financial services & Hirakani Maharashtrachi Yojana, Tejashree Scheme to assist rural women to get assistance for loan repayment & get working capital while the Hirakani Maharashtrachi Scheme to impart skill training to women
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Maharashtra govt. is going to implement Prajwala Scheme of Tejashri Financial Services & Hirakani Maharashtrachi for rural women. Under Tejashri Scheme, the state govt. will provide financial assistance to debt ridden women for repayment of loans and to provide them with working capital. Moreover, govt. will also start Hirakani Maharashtrachi Yojana to provide skill training to women in rural areas.

The state govt. will implement Tejashree Financial Services Scheme by Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) as per the announcement made by Finance Minister Sudhir Mungatiwar on 1 February 2019. In addition, women entrepreneurs who are working through women’s self-help groups can also avail the scheme benefits.

The total funding for Prajwala Scheme through Tejashree Financial Services will be Rs. 68.53 crore in next 3 years.

Maharashtra Prajwala Scheme – Tejashree Financial Services

Maharashtra govt. will provide help to debt ridden women from self help groups (SHGs). The assistance would be given for loan repayment and providing working capital under Prajwala Scheme of Tejashree Financial Services. Tejashri Scheme 2019 is going to be implemented by the state’s Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM). This scheme will help in understanding the needs of rural women and to bring them into the mainstream of development.

The state govt. of Maharashtra will distribute Rs. 68.53 crore in the upcoming 3 years as a part of this programme. This amount would include Rs. 10,000 as loan per person to all those who belongs to poor sections of the society. Moreover, Self-help groups (SHGs) will get financial assistance of Rs 20,000 for repayment of loans. In addition to this, SHGs will also get working capital of upto Rs. 2 lakh to assist women entrepreneurs in their businesses.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is going to be signed between the Commissioner, Human Development Mission and MAVIM for the Prajwala Scheme under Tejashri Financial Services.

Maharashtra Hirakani Maharashtrachi Scheme

The state govt. is also going to start another scheme namely Hirakani Maharashtrachi Scheme 2019 which aims to impart skill sets to women. Moreover, district as well as Taluka level camps for training would also be organized. The finance minister also inaugurated the convention of the women self-help groups in the state.

Both the Prajwala Scheme under Tejashri Financial Services and Hirakani Maharashtrachi Scheme aims to bring out women from debt trap and to impart skill training respectively to enable them to earn livelihood. The women entrepreneurs who are engaged in small businesses and are looking for market through their self-help groups would be imparted training on various skill sets.

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All such women who finds it difficult to repay business loans would be benefited from Tejashri Financial Services. Moreover, all such women can now prosper in their business by using the skill sets after training.

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