Maharashtra Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana for Climate Based Agriculture

January 19, 2018 | UPDATED ON: January 19, 2018
Maharashtra Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana Climate Agriculture

Maharashtra government is going to launch Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana. Subsequently, this scheme is going to promote climate flexible agriculture and will help small and medium farmers. Maharashtra govt. has allotted Rs. 4000 crore for this project including partial funding from World Bank. The state govt. will implement this project in 5,142 villages located across 15 districts.

Under this scheme, Maharashtra govt. is going to identify drought prone areas for its implementation and make them drought free. Accordingly, this project will promote sustainable development and will also tackle the solid and ground water salinity problem.

This Krishi Sanjeevani Scheme will get rolled out in the FY 2018-19 and will continue till 2023-24.

Objectives of Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana

The primary objective is to promote increase the agricultural yields even after the changes in climate. Moreover, the other objectives includes:-

  1. To Improve Soil Quality
  2. Developing varieties of Food-Grains which can sustain variations.
  3. To adopt essential changes in the Crop Pattern as per the availability of water in such regions.
  4. To make Maharashtra absolutely drought free.

Under this Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana, govt. will lay special emphasis on the cultivation of crops as per the availability of water.

Details of Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjivani Yojana

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • This is a Rs. 4000 crore project of Maharashtra govt. including financial assistance from world bank. World Bank will provide 70% of the total amount (Rs. 2800 crore) while remaining has to be borne by the state govt. for six years.
  • Krushi Sanjivani Yojana will promote climate resilient agriculture and make village drought proof.
  • As per govt. resolution, govt. will implement Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana in 5,142 villages of 15 districts.
  • Subsequently, Maha govt. will continue this scheme for the upcoming 6 years (2018 – 2024) with an aim of Doubling the Farmers Income by 2022.
  • Accordingly, Krishi Sanjivani Yojana will cover all the marginal, small and medium farmers who are most susceptible to losses due to climate change.
  • Furthermore, a Panel of 7 members headed by Principle Secretary of Agriculture will identify drought prone villages in order to implement this scheme.

This scheme will get implemented with the help of World Bank. Accordingly, Principle Secretaries of Finance as well as of agriculture are in continuous talks with the officials of World Bank to decide the rate of return and repayment period.

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