Maharashtra Labour Smart Cards for Building & Construction Workers

Maharashtra Labour Smart Cards for building & construction workers under unorganized workers social security act 2008, allocation to start in January 2020
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Maharashtra govt. has decided to issue Labour Smart Cards for building and construction workers. The online registration of construction workers and allocation of smart cards will start from January 2020. These Workers Smart Card will ensure safety and security of labourers on working sites. Maharashtra Labor Welfare Board will setup 41 work facilitation centers across the state.

These centers will facilitate building workers to register themselves without any hassle. Till date, workers welfare board offices are ready at 8 locations – Aurangabad, Jalna, Worli, Solapur, Amravati, Panvel, Bhandara and Nanded. The rest offices will become operational on successful allocation of required areas.

Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board mentioned that 5 officials from private company would be appointed in each center to help district labour offices. 3 officers will operate from office and 2 officers will visit sites to register workers.

Maharashtra Building Workers Smart Cards

Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board is statutory body formed under Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act 1953. This body conducts labour welfare activities through welfare centers and encourages all workers to register with it. The contractors working on projects such as road construction, water supply, drainage and pipelines can register as workers to get Building Workers Smart Cards.

Currently, there are around 20.6 lakh registered workers and around 13.1 lakh are active workers. The number of construction workers will increase on roll-out of Maharashtra Labour Smart Cards online registration. Workers can register themselves on having 90 day work certificate from labour offices and developer.

After submission of identity details and biometrics, construction workers can make registration with minimal fees of Rs. 25. Labourers will have to deposit Rs. 1 per month for the next 5 years which totals to Rs. 60. Each building labour will have to renew their membership every year at the online centers. All the registered labourers will get several social security benefits under Labour Welfare Act.

The Maharashtra Labour Smart Card with unique identification number will help workers to access social security schemes. The Construction Workers Smart Cards will be issued to beneficiaries under Unorganized Workers Social Security Act 2008. These smart cards for building labour & construction workers will allow beneficiaries to self certify that they are unorganized sector workers & can get benefits.

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