Maharashtra Kayapalat Abhiyan & Atal Arogya Vahini (Adivasi Jeevandayini)

Maharashtra govt. launches Atal Arogya Vahini (adivasi jeevan dayani) to provide better healthcare facilities and other services like health checkups to students of ashram shalas, Kayapalat abhiyan also started on 22 November 2018
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Maharashtra govt. has launched Atal Arogya Vahini to provide better healthcare facilities to students of ashram shalas. Under this scheme, the adivasi students will not be deprived of any treatment facilities and will serve as a life line (adivasi jeevandayee) for them. CM Devendra Fadanvis has inaugurated the Kayapalat Abhiyan (transformation campaign) and dedicated the Atal Arogya Vahini.

This Atal Arogya Vahini-Adivasi Jeevandayani aims to provide better healthcare facilities to adivasi students and the students will be doubly benefited by this scheme. Students will have regular health check ups and the information of their health problems will be easily available on the dashboard.

The treatment will be provided for ailments detected and diagnosed after the examination or in emergency cases also.

Maharashtra Atal Arogya Vahini (Adivasi Life-Line)

Atal Arogya Vahini is a well–equipped ambulance and offers various services as given below:-

  • 24×7 emergency medical service through ARAI certified basic life support ambulance.
  • 24×7 Response centre to establish coordination with ambulances.
  • Medical examination of students in cluster schools through doctors.
  • Review of project position through Health Management Information System (HMIS), Digital Health Card Mobile App
  • Expert health advice about treatment and guidance for hospitalization.
  • The state govt. to set-up well-equipped dispensaries in schools.

The state govt. has started this initiative and arrangements have been made to offer emergency medical services to students in remote areas. The total number of 48 clusters are made and each cluster will comprise of 4 to 6 ashramshalas and one Ekalavya Residential School. A total of 48 well-equipped ambulances which would be one for each cluster and would remain available 24×7. In each ambulance fitted with basic life support (BSL), 2 doctors and 1 health assistant will remain present.

The state govt. will conduct regular health check-up of students in ashramshalas. Stocking of medicines and injections is being done for treatment of infectious diseases. Each student to get a digital health card containing the complete information of this health check-up. In addition to the general physicians, services of ENT specialists, ophthalmologist, skin will also be provided.

All the ambulances will have ECG, oxygen cylinders and other modern equipment. As ashramshalas are located in remote areas, govt. will also ensure a sufficient stock of anti-venom injections in order to treat the cases of snake bite or scorpion bite.

Moreover, govt. will also setup health committee in every ashramshala to create awareness among the guardians and people of the nearby areas. This committee will include students, teachers and guardians. CM Fadnavis has also felicitated the students who have suggested the names of Kayapalat Abhiyan and Atal Aroga Vahini.

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